08.08.08 Reunion (Barrow)

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Nutty, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Any Barrow Forum Members reading this go to Barrow Pages and see notes on 08.08.08 Reunion and have your say.

    Submariners Forum

  2. We don't wanna run ashore in Barrow. What we want is Gib.
  3. So go to Gib.
  4. To much of a tourist trap these days
  5. What Barrow, never been there but 08.08.08 looks good coming for the day Peter?????????

  6. Well thats true!! There 's no fear of any tourist in Barrow I guess!!
    But seeing Gib is nearer for me than Barrow and warmer and has nicer beer I think it'll be Gib for me.
    So go where you like and I'll go where I like with a couple of others.
  7. You ain't missed much, believe me!!
  8. Was up in Barrow couple of weeks ago with the Manchester Branch of the S.A. for their BAR B Q , good company, good food, good wx, dodgy sam smiths beer of the Keg type, but definately a submariners run. !
  9. Anywhere is a submariners run!!
  10. im from barrow and had my first run ashore there. was only a few weeks ago all the ME's and WE's reckoned it was a great run (some are coming back of there own backs lol) the dabbers didnt like it.
    Guess it the people your with.
  11. No such thing a a bad run ashore....just skimmers! Had a run ashore in Barrow in 96 on Oberon, great time had by all.
  12. That must have been fun. Oberon was sold for scrap in 86 and scrapped at Doigs yard in Grimsby 1987!!!
  13. Fat fingers....meant 86! Bloody Polycells!!

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