‘PERSEC’ of 100 years ago.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. Quoted at a publication for some such as we:

    <<When we talk, there is neither superior nor inferior, nor title, nor age, nor name.>>

    Original source unknown, reputedly French. http://www.naval-review.co.uk/issues/1913-1.pdf circa 1913.

    Fine words. - What troubles me about such anonymous equality today is that (sooner or later) everyone considers that, by merely subscribing to RR, they feel justly entitled to it.

    Anyone up for a reasoned discussion on this? (and perhaps other Bon Mots, too?)


    PS I raise this having reflected upon the life & times of my active though aged uncle, who’s 100th Birthday Party I had the honour and pleasure to attend last weekend.
  2. Personally I think I benefit from Persec as it grants me anonymity meaning that no matter how much of an idiot I make of myself on this board, when I show up at raleigh the instructors will not have any preconceptions of my abilities. on The other hand thinking about other people who may be serving it grants them an unofficial record to voice their concerns or views without fear of reprimand (other than site MODS).
  3. Age sometimes grants us wisdom, mostly through experiences when we have either got it right or wrong. There are amongst us on this site who can talk with a well balanced viewpoint and point out the sometimes, "not obvious" to the casual observer. Others on this site have been privy either through rank, or location, and are more than capable of outlining, capabilities and thought provoking ideas. Others like so many of the members on this site post exactly as they would have done so, when serving, taking the piss, when it suits them, putting on their serious head when they have something of value to impart. The lower deck lawyers are always a humerous font of naval preconceptions, and unlike their counterparts in civilian life, don't charge. Either way it's a novel read in an uncertain world.
  4. I think its canadian but was a fascinating read.
  5. Anonymous equality doesn't come into it as far as I'm concerned. I am far superior to most , if not all, who post on here.

    I only come here for the posing. I shag more birds, can drink more beer and I can peel a bucket of chips on the forend's step in the time it takes to smoke a fag.
  6. You are MLP in disguise then :)

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