“I hope he (Obama) will let us down gently.â€

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. Read the article by Matthew Parris in todays times for a reality check. The press, that is just about all the world's, have built this man up as the saviour of the world. Akin to JFK and what did he achieve other than an "image" and taking us as close as anybody ever has to a Nuclear War, NOTHING.

    Matthew Parris

    The bubble needs bursting it is still going to be USA first and crumbs for the rest.

  2. Nutty wrote: The bubble needs bursting it is still going to be USA first and crumbs for the rest.

    Spot on Nutty :thumright:
  3. I remember the Cuba crisis well. I bet you wouldn't have played poker with JFK. He called the Russians bluff, they backed down.
  4. I think we will be let down with a bump...
    The best we can hope to do is to up anchor and put a bit more distance between us.
  5. I think there will be riots in the black inner cities when they come to this realisation. Its the Americans fault for being so gullible tbh.
  6. what a bunch of sceptics,the mans not even in office yet and already he's pilloried. lets have a good dose of socialism around the world startin with america,look around your capitalist world and see the state its in thanks to the policies of thatcher,reagan,bush,bliar, broon etc.Time for change my friends,BIG change.We will all be rioting in the streets when the bubble bursts completely, they can try to cover up the mess as much as possible to soften the blow but remember this,"Credit Crunch!!????" YOU AIN'T SEEN NUTHIN YET. Obama's first job should be to nationalise the banks as should every other government throughout the world, that just for starters,then the utilities,then the farms and the lands that produce the worlds food supply.then we can let the capitalists manufacture the non essential goodies when the NEEDS of the world have been provided.
  7. Yes and Socialism did so well in Mother Russia didn't it.
  8. Hmm, well, having watched Karl Rove and John Bolton on election night trying to piss on the goings on, I can understand there must be some not swept away by the boundless press enthusiasm, it is like watching kids chasing an ice cream van after all. But its mostly the wave of relief once people realise the era of Shrubbery is almost over, and the FNG might give a damn about something other than himself and his cronies. Unlikely I know given that he is a politician, but people have hope at the moment. I think pressboy needs to look at the Press letting themselves down gently.

    I did hear a McCain voter last night describe how on election night he despaired, told everyone he was going to fly his flag upside down for the whole four years (signal for emergency), since he was a small businessman, fairly well off, stands to gain little so he says. Then he went on to say, if Obama only manages to do a third of things he proposes to in four years, then the country will be better for it.
  9. He may be a genuine man[I hate the word Guy] if so he will not last long I am sorry to say.
  10. Obama may turn out not to be the second coming which is just as well as that would probably cause a whole new set of wars. He is just one man, albeit a powerful one, who says he wants to make changes but needs to keep congress on side if he is to make them. After Bush most of us are ready for some form of change and it is good to see that the world in general is keen to give Obama the chance to show us what he is made of.

    Personally I genuinely hope he lives up to expectations. However the more realistic amongst us understand that the important changes may take years to bring about. It’s a shame that so many won’t understand or accept this. Instead they will expect their cake today and drip like flipping hell tomorrow when they don’t get it.

  11. I am still surprised by a country so young, which has become so old in politics in such a short space of time.
    No credible third party, vast amounts of spin, vague promises. Sound like anywhere else you know?
    I feel it is fantastic that someone who openly equates with a mongrel can become head of state of one of the most powerful contries on earth. It means that any of us can do the same, if we wish.
    I do think the U.S. election has been over publicised. There are EU countries that have female presidents, or those from less privileged backgrounds. Many EU countries have made vast strides in equality, human rights and simple understand; we probably lead the world in this.
    For me it will be a simple pleasure to see someone not from the old elite, the old New England familes in the White House.
  12. What really confuses me is how the liberal press, various singers and dancers, and most D-list (as well as Hollywood) celebrities blindly think that Obama is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. Why? Because he is a democrat? Because he is black? What is the reason?

    I turned the TV off on election night as I was sick of random actors saying how much they thought Obama should win and how great he was. Then there was the MTV Europe awards and the unadulterated praise heaped on Obama. What has this man done that is so great?

    I also think it's ironic that Broon is heaping so much praise on him, after his Labour conference "It is no time for a novice" speech. Surely you should have been a McCain supporter then, Mr Brown!
  13. Then failed to keep his mouth shut and rubbed their bloody noses in it. What a star.

    I agree entirely. Next Tuesday, I'll make an exception, though.
  14. To be fair Nutty, assuming that you are refering to the Cuba Crisis, JFK didn't have much choice. But I agree on the "image" bit. Much ado about nowt.
  15. Well I am delighted that Obama won, the world has to be a better place without that pea-brain Bush and his extreme right wing evangelical nutters at the helm.
  16. He may have his failings, but I wouldn't call GWB stupid. Stupid people don't get into the White House, twice.
  17. It could only happen in America.
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Of course it could, its the only place they have the President of the United States of America.

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