£5000 for an inch?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seafarer1939, May 12, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick last post before I'm off again under Sweeny Todds knife once more so;

    I was intrigued to read last week about the surgeon who carries out nudger lengthening for a price of £5000 quid!
    He can lengthen the said member but only by an inch and a quarter and also widen it a bit!
    What amazes me is it doesn't work when aroused so what's the point?
    He says he has hundreds of applicants,more than he can handle!!!! Bankers,Lawyers Labourers,nothing against a labourer but would you spend £5K for this operation just to stand in the shower a bit more confidently?
    At the moment he's doing 5 or 6 a day[cracking money!] but what's it all about?
    No answers from boasters or people who really want that extra inch for other reasons!!! so:

    A woman back from holiday said to a friend “Those Italian men are dreadful,they unzip their trousers,walk up to you and put it in your hand!â€
    Her friend said “ It's worse in the West Indies,they unzip their flies,put it your hand, then walk up to you!†Really old joke but relevant maybe.
    So! is size relative? I think not,especially for Matelots.
    Better ways to spend £5k I think.
  2. It's not the ration, it's the passion.
    It's not what's on deck that matters, it's what's in the cable locker.
  3. My oppo used to say ' I may only have a little dick, but I've got 14 stone to push it in with'!
  4. Sod that £5000 for an extra inch? Not getting that done 13 is unlucky.
  5. I like that one !!! :lol:
  6. £5k to double my length seems like a sweet deal to me
  7. Just asked Mrs R12 if its worth it.
    Seems she'd rather have the 5K...!! (muttering she would rather buy the extra couple of inches from Ms Summers shop for a score) 8O
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I knew a brass who would charge £5 per inch whacked up her. It would only ever cost me £15 a shag. Lovely woman she was. Face like a smacked arse and arse like a windsock.
  9. Dropped me trolley's once and the bird said "who are you going to satisfy with that?"

    My answer "ME"
  10. Just read that and I think I'll stay "as is"

    First we take a small amount of blood and use a centrifuge to separate out cells known as platelets. We believe these slow the fat re-absorption process: although lengthening is permanent, the girth enlargement lasts for two to five years, after which it has to be repeated.
    About 4oz of fat (the equivalent of six tablespoons) is harvested from the patient's abdomen or flanks using a syringe. We wash and filter it, then inject it at the base of the penis. Remaining fat can be frozen and stored for future top-ups.
    The central part of the penis is the corpora cavernosa, two sponge-like regions that fill with blood during an erection. These, and the urethra, which carries urine from the bladder-are surrounded by layers of fascia - tough, fibrous tissue.
    The fat graft sits between two of the fascia and does not affect the organ's function.
    During the lengthening part of the operation, which can be done at the same time, we make a small incision through which we cut the suspensory ligament that attaches the organ to the pelvis.
    When it is flaccid, some of the shaft sits inside the body. By cutting the ligament, more hangs outside. No implant or graft is used so there is no difference to the length when erect - although the angle may not be as acute as it once was.

    8O 8O
  11. The lengths some people will go to.
    Girl asked me to give her 8 inches.
    Told her 'Im not bending mine in half for anybody' :lol:
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Strap ons don't count Rod :D

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