£3m for the mother struck by police car on 999 call

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brazenhussy, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Certainly a tragic incident, although as ever the Wail has a dig. Mind you I can equally see the Wail headline if the thief had got away because the police did not use blues and twos to get to the incident. A no win case for Mr Plod.
  2. Of course if we resorted back to 'Plan B' and had Beat Officers patrolling like they used to there would be less need for the dramatic blues and two's responses.
  3. Having until quite recently lived in an area with 24/7 beat officers the fast response was almost always a car, the beat officers were always second on the scene unless they actually happened to be in your street, it could take them 15 minutes from the other side of the estate, so the standard response to 999 call was to send a car with the foor patrol as a back up to take over as they were the locals.
  4. We need more Police, there is a direct correlation between the number of Police per 100,000 of the population and crime stats. Countries with higher numbers have less crime, those with lower numbers have more. Britain is just about at the bottom of the table in numbers of Officers/100,000 actually on the beat… and we wonder why low level crime is effectively out of control here.
  5. In reality we need the police we have to spend more time policing and less time doing paper work, if you think one 12 year old with a can of spray paint can take a plod of the streets for a day, that is the area where the attention is needed. We for example need to deal with petty vandalism but at present it just take a disproportionate ammount of time to deal with it.
  6. There are two many accidents involving police cars and members of the public. Police officers have a duty to drive with care even when on a call. Too often this care seems to be lost in the thrill of being allowed to use the blue lights.
    Do the police have a code to tell them which type of crime is in progress? If so is the crime for shoplifting the same as that for armed robbery?

  7. Ain't THAT the truth!!!! What is it? Something like only 1 in 58 Officers is on the streets at any one time.
  8. One of the problems is that when Ahmed tells his wife to report the shoplifter to the police it is minor, but then when Ahmed confronts the shoplifter and said shoplifter pulls a knife, then it changes, I do think you will find the police do have priority systems for dealing with this and a criminal on the scene is considered urgent, after all if they get there they may actually catch the little scrote. Yes the police equally have a duty of care and this particular guy was convicted of dangerous driving so not only broke the police rules but the law as well so cannot be suugested that he was just doing his job.
  9. According to Roadcraft the police drivers manual no emergency is sufficient to warrant dangerous driving to attend it.
    I was in a restaurant when the police arrived with sirens and blue lights on, the reason:
    A supposed racialist remark by the owner towards a customer.
    If a member of the public drives dangerously he/she can expect to be had up for it. The consequences should be no different for the police.
    The comments of the Daily Wail (like that one) are best put in the same place as the read paper: the bin.
    There does seem to be an increase in this type of collision. Are we back to the lack of training issue again? Seems to figure in a lot of stuff these days.

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