£3500 quid to failed asylum seekers!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seafarer1939, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. that's what they are receiving to start a business back where they came from.Six in a family? six times that amount.Free to take it and slip back in?
    go ahead we don't know who's in or out.
    Does it not want to make you march up to the the Home Office and give all these chinless wonders who make these rules,a hefty slap.
    I despair of this country,I've never been one to look back but I wish I had gone to Aussie in the late 60's when they offered me status there.
    We have,and I mean the Government,have lost the plot completely.
  2. As people require a passport to get into Norfolk, can I take the money and "go home" to Norfolk??

    We should shoot the bloody lot of em, not give them money and ask them nicely to leave.
  3. Dont you mean,ask them nicely to leave,not give them the money then shoot them?
  4. If I come back can I take the money and leave again!!
  5. Oi Hookie we've got enough bloody economic migrants here in Norfolk already, and they are British! Stop bloody advertising for them there Furreners, we got enough :threaten:
    £3500, blast boy, that'd finish our village Hall..................
    (In Breckland)
  6. Is there a link to this? I am sure it isn't that easy to get the funds then b*gger off.
  7. Why not link the M25 to Dover, then they just go around in one big circle and end up back in France.
    It's always puzzled me as to how come the asylum seekers end up in the UK when they have to pass through several democratic countries to get here, the rules being that they SHOULD apply for asylum in the FIRST democratic country they get to. They aren't cherry picking the best benefit system are they............nah, I'm just being too cynical!!!
  8. G'DAY Jenny,

    Someone said Britain, treating these migrants who don't like it, or can't succeed in the UK them so well, well they aren't on their lonesome.
    A friend of mine a widow, Australian born and bred, receiving a widows pension, works helping the immigrants when they first came to this country , this is some time ago, she couldn't work or it effected her widows pension, so she did part time unpaid work helping the "POOR" immigrants seeking asylum.

    She worked her way up in the department, until she got to the position when she started to pay out the grants that these folk received from the Government.

    As well as receiving , job seekers allowance, or the dole, whichever they wanted, after they were signed on the main parent in the family, received $32,000.00. as a settling in grant, and further down the track they received another $10,000.00. and a house from the housing commission.

    She lived in Western Australia, she couldn't get a Housing Commission House, as she had only one child living with her, but here she was dishing out all this lovely money to these New Australians. Many of them were loaded being ex embassy staff, or rich shopkeepers ,as they needed to pay extortionate sums to get on these fishing boats, funny they hadn't a razoo when they stepped ashore but the money soon appeared after they had received all the grants and the house, how they suddenly became rich is anyone's guess.

    She only stuck this voluntary work for another couple of years until she was so disgusted to see how some of the Australians were being treated, compared to the overseas visitor, of which I am one I must say but I never received one razoo of the government when we arrived here coming up on forty years.

    So it obviously is a British trait to : Give away their "asre" and "siht" through their ribs, nothing is too good for other people, but don't the Brits ask for anything or you wont receive it, like Ships, Tanks. Planes, better conditions that the troops need, and better wages for deployment overseas.

    This was not common knowledge, in fact it still isn't told to the population that they get these grants, but it is still happening.

    I can't say if they get anything if their application fails, [I'm sure they will though] They have people working and helping them get every wee grant that they can get that nobody else in the populace can receive.



  9. I'd choose to end up in good ol' Blighty too if I knew I could get a three-bedroom townhouse, a car and a plane ticket on the British people - damn, if I'd realised this years ago, I'd be back in NZ by now havind had a bloody good holiday instead of working my ar*e off these last few years!
  10. Not to be a party pooper but this is the government being idiots! Over here, you claim assylum, you can wait anywhere from 1yr - 4yrs before your interview, during this time, a cheque for 300 cyp pound is sent to you on a monthly basis. Considering the average rent costs around 200 cyp a month, it's not a lot of money. So a lot of assylum seekers are forced to go out and work illegally!

    Now, what pee's me off is those claiming assylum from countries that there is no conflict, they are the ones who ruin it for the real political assylum seekers. Take my friend for example, he is from Sierra Leon, him and his family flocked to Guinea but after a year, the bad guys went in search of those who were fighting against them, this also happened with families from Liberia. So, for the safety of them and their families, they jumped on the nearest ferry/cargo ship and headed for any palce, just so happened a few were dropped off in Cyprus.

    Now, the Cypriot government is silly, they are making those who are not actually assylum seekers but people who couldn't get a visa, refugees and those who actually need assylum, they are now refusing. So where do you go, when you have no home, it was burnt down, your business was destroyed, a major amount of your family killed, the RUF on your tale etc? These people are forced to find a country that will accept them straight off, so unfortunately, the UK is one of them.

    Now, yes we can blame the UK government but we can also blame other countries for being utterly stupid and denying those in need of real help.
  11. Romanian/Rumanian whatever!

    Helped off the Luas[dublin tram thing]with her pram it malfunctions people try to help[sis in law] she says just leave it there I will be given another. Free of course! So she dumped it there and then.

    Brother visiting us from Canada we take a trip down to Templebar in Dublin.

    Romanian with young child in arms shoves hand in his face "give me money to feed child" mouth full of gold teeth. Go sell ya teeth I thought to myself. No money so how did she get to Dublin on Santas sleigh I suppose!!

    Somebody said it is the only way they can get there money out of the country. What go the dentist and have your teeth pulled and inserted with gold peggers.

    We have them banging on the car windows at the traffic lights with child in arms. And others just tapping on the windows.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought there are only 2 reasons to claim assylum, according to the goverments;

    * Your life is in immediate threat by your country's government

    * You're country is at war etc
  13. Saw a romanian pikey begging in Newcastle last week sitting there with two dogs,coining it in[was the dogs] my brother said if he was so hungry why did he not eat the dogs?
    We are fecked!!!
  14. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE somebody tell me this is a windup
  15. Don't worry people....with all the floods recently in the areas that a lot of these people head for, rural England, The Govornment will soon stump up the cash to help........and the local indiginous population...stuff them they're only tax payers!!!! 'let's bleed 'em a little more'.

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