£336,000 worth of travel expenses for civil servant

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 12, 2007.

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  1. It does when the govt states you can live on hundred quid a week regardless of rent and all the other etc. Those prats want to try it.
  2. £100k pa over a three year tenure.

    One wonders what the return on investment was, given that the NAO does sell its services internationally.
  3. I worked for a company and though at one time all travel was business class this was later reduced to cattle class (economy) in an attempt to save money. These trips usually lasted 12 weeks, wives were allowed to be taken, however all expenses (Air fares, injections, insurance and any extra hotel bills) had to be paid for by the employee.
    So was there a requirement to take his spouse at public expense flying first class and staying in 5* hotels?
  4. I'm generally pretty sceptical of tabloid newspapers, particularly where they have such an explicitly doctrinal position on government. There is more to much of this than the DM reports.

    I'd suggest that there is a big difference between a DG level official (RAdm equivalent) travelling on sales related trips and someone at the functional level travelling on routine delivery related work.

    I know when I've travelled with work the standard varies, where it's been a conference we've stayed at the conference hotel; travelling with the UK governments representative it would have been wholly inappropriate to go somewhere else.

    In some areas of government ones spouse is as involved in the job as oneself. It's not so long ago that RAF Officers had comments on their spouses included in their reports, it's still very much part and parcel of senior level international and diplomatic related appointments.

    NAO is one area where UK PLC can have an impact on governance in other countries. There is direct benefit from the sales of services, but there is also benefit to british industry by putting in place a liberalised political and economic framework which allows access to markets.
  5. G'day..

    Personally I think that all their expenses are a big rip off.

    The next government needs to start as they meant to go.

    They have cut the fcuk out of three service budget.

    Now let them drive around in minis, show the country if it's good enough for the common man, then it's equally good enough for their MP's.

    This would keep the money in British car manufactures, drive themselves, ie. no more chauffeurs, except for the Queen and the PM.

    Their meals; they should buy themselves like we all do, if they have to live away from home , when in Parliament, which isn't too often in the year; they should stay at a 3 star hotel, or whatever the service guys are entitled too now.

    Travel by rail, to see what the poor people are complaining about, leave their wives at home unless they are posted to a married accompanied posting.

    This postage racket that they are all rorting, should be stopped, if they want to talk to their parishioners, then let them buy a motor scooter, or a push bike.

    Just treat them all like they treat the rest of the country, work them so many weekends in the year like Jack does without bonus's.

    Then we will all feel that what is good for the goose is good for the GANDERS/FAT CATS.



    PS 'N bring back the tot.
  6. Let the man make a detailed written statement on why he had to attend all these various countries and then have him cross examined on oath on his statement.

    I did one suggest to a Captain of Industry that instead of paying off senior staff members and directors with golden handshakes, pensions, 3 year rolling contracts. I would put a six man surveillance unit on his tail for one week only at th cost of a far far less sum. At the end of a week we match his movements against his claimed work record and expenses. 90% could then be instantly sacked for Theft Section 15 or 16 Theft Act 1968. Criminal Deception or Obtaining a Pecuniary Advantage.

    His response, "Oh no it could be me next" Them that are on the gravy train look after their own to remain on the train.

  7. I share many of your sentiments Pingy. Actually MPs do travel by train - First Class to and from their constituencies, as do their wives to visit them in London. They also get free first class air travel anywhere within the EU, though to be fair that was an EU decision taken by, er, the politicians themselves and not vetoed by HMG!

    They also get an annual accommodation allowance if they live outside commuting distance from London - though that definition is often stretched somewhat! Their accommodation allowance exceeds my annual net salary!

    On the civil service front. All junior civil servants travel standard class and pay for their own scran, unless their travel exceeds 8 hours in which case they get about £10 for their food. Accommodation again is standard. For senior civil servants it has always been more generous - perks are according to rank. So senior civil servants start on the maximum annual leave allowance, junior staff must work over 20 years to get the same leave! Senior civil servant travel First Class and stay in quality accommodation. Junior staff must pay if they take their partner anywhere. The higher echelons are treated differently. However the reasoning behind this is based on the market ethos. Just as junior civil servants are no longer paid higher than people in equivalent private sector jobs - the Government agreed with the CBI's request that pay be kept below that in the private sector a couple of years ago; for senior employees this doesn't apply. The civil service is seeking to recruit a greater number of its higher echelons from the private sector. In order to sucessfully compete with the private sector it needs to offer perks and boni that will attract the right calibre of staff. Whilst Sir John is earning £164K, had he been recruited from the private sector to his present job (as his sucessor is likely to be) he could expect substantially greater remuneration than his peers.
  8. well weve all done it !on a smaller scale i admit, remember the travel warrant for 500 miles when u didn,t go anywhere ? the free meals when u were R.A ? even now night out allowences for hotels sleep in the car ,van ?its a way of life

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