£3.8bn carriers contract on hold until after polls

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by dublinclontarf, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. But the Royal Navy will then face the mothballing of two Type 42 destroyers and four Type 22 frigates to help save a £250m overrun in fuel, maintenance and other costs.
  2. I'm sorry did my previous post sound hopeful?

    The tone that I was trying to hit was "ooh look they're pushing it until after the election, we'll never see them now" 8O
  3. Never thought we would see them anyway ,
  4. Now there's a surprise............................... :roll:
  5. Tone has stopped trying to persuade us not to vote SNP and is now showing us the big sticks he will use if we do. Any one notice the leak at the weekend about closing Faslane.
  6. Lets face it, in 10 years time we'll be nothing more than a coastal defence force. Not that we can defend our coast because half our systems are under funded or incapable. And if we want to use them we'll have to ask permission from the EU.
    Anyway, if Brown gets in we'll be nothing more than Dad's Army, he hates the armed forces.
    Maybe I'm just bitter...
  7. Smacks of desperate bullying, doesn't it. :evil:
  8. Is it likely that in a few year's well only end up with a few subs, HMS Ocean and six Type 45's?
  9. Ocean is knackered and will need replacing sooner rather than later, subs are new build and can be used to blow things up in Neue Arbiets 'Great War on Terror' so they should be OK for funding, six T45's? Pfft!!! Only 4 have been fully funded so far, there is a rumour doing the rounds that the Saudis have been asked if they are interested in buying hulls 5 & 6 off BAE
  10. The TV shots of Tone on his last forray north of the border made him look more than desperate. Irealy think that from the NuLabor point of view they would have been a lot better of if he had gone last Autumn after the conference, but few politicos really know when to bow out gracefully
  11. I think I'll vote SNP. Nobody trusts labour now do they and Lib Dem are an anti 4x4 joke
    geoff(ers) :?
  12. Yes I had the LD for my local council seat trying to get my support on the phone last night, that helped me discout one party any way.

    I was thinking of using my second vote for the pensioners party, getting near retirement it is perhaps time toenhance the grey vote.
  13. I missed the Faslane leak. Is there a link to it anywhere?
  14. I think the Beeb reported it was in the Herald but my info was from either TV or Radio news.
  15. What do ya mean Ocean's knackered? She's only a few bloody years old an hasn't done anything yet!
  16. Obviosly you haven't seen the welding on her! it looks like a visually impaired, alcohol dependant person.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Oh, that's right- start having a go at me, why don't you...
  18. Oh so that's what they mean by built to commercial standards!

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