£110 to go!!! :-)

Discussion in 'Charity' started by X.R.D, May 7, 2010.

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  1. Righto

    There have been some very generous donations made by alot of people on this site but as the subject title states i'm still £110 short.

    Getting off my arse and doing something for the lads returning from Ghanners is a big deal for me following lots of hospital appointments, pain and discomfort. Luckily medication enables me to control the pain that i'm in but thinking about it this is nothing when you see Royal Marines coming back having had multiple amputations.

    Please donate what you can as the lads could really do a lot with the money that is raised!!

    See link.



  2. Re: £155 to go!!!

    Linky no work!
  3. Re: £155 to go!!!

    Try now mate!!
  4. Re: £155 to go!!!

    That one does. Just slung another tenner your way sean mate.

    Bills came to less than i expected so better it goto a gr8 cause than to the pub
  5. Re: £155 to go!!!

    Top banana mate

    finishing line phot as evidence will be posted Sunday afternoon.

  6. Re: £155 to go!!!

    That'l be an amusing photo indeed. Good on ya buddy.
  7. Re: £155 to go!!!

  8. Re: £155 to go!!!

    Thanking you.
  9. Re: £155 to go!!!

    I've had to work hard on my fitness mate. This wont be the last charity event I do for this charity but one thing at a time!!!
  10. Re: £135 to go!!! :)

  11. Keep going lads and lasses we're nearly there!!
  12. BUMP

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