£1000 Submariner Recruiting Bounties!

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Ninja_Stoker, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    A bounty scheme, similar to the Royal Marines is being introduced for submarine recruit sponsors. The Bounty will only be for certain Branches of submariner recruits (on completion of week 18 of training). A serving member of the Royal Navy/Royal Marines must first complete the Bounty Card and hand it to the potential Submarine applicant.

    The Submariner applicant visits AFCO. On completion of the selection interview the potential Submarine applicant presents the Bounty Card to the Careers Adviser. If presented later, it is invalid.

    The applicant must complete all the required selection process and, if successful, the Applicant is offered a place in training at HMS RALEIGH.

    On completion of week 18 of training, JPAC is informed of all rates that have qualified for the £1,000 Bounty and this will then be paid into the Serving sponsor's pay account via JPA.

    There is no limit to the number of bounty submissions by Regular Service personnel, those under training and Reservists.

    Regular personnel and Reservists employed within Naval Recruiting are limited to 3 Bounty Cards whilst employed in those duties.

    Careers Advisers may not be Sponsors, and are therefore not eligible for the Bounty. The Bounty is only payable for applicants to certain Branches, as detailed:

    The Bounty is not payable for the recruitment of Re-joiners, transfers from FTRS to Regular Service or Transfers from other Services.

    Branches Eligible

    LOGS(SC)(SM) – “Stores Accountantsâ€
    LOGS(CS)(D)(SM) – “Stewardsâ€
    LOGS(Pers)(SM) – “Writersâ€
    LOGS(CS)(P)(SM) - Chef
    ETME(SM) – Engineering Technicians (Marine Engineering)
    ETWE(SM) – Engineering Technicians (Weapons Engineering)
    CIS(SM) - Communication Information Systems
    WS(SSM) – Warfare (Sonar)
    WS(TSM) – Warfare (Tactical)
  2. Will never work, JPA is involved !
  3. im off 2 begin my basics on 27th jan....having completed all recruit test etc...im going in as an et(me(sm)) so do i qualify for this?
  4. I have my interview on Monday for WS (Sonar/Tactical).

    Would I be eligible for this scheme?
  5. Er...no.

  6. Cornish Jan and Don 87 PM me for my details and tell`em that i recruited you, we`ll go halfies.
  7. Cornish and Jan,

    The money would go to the person that sponsored you. Of course, if the scheme's still around when you get to that position you could sponsor someone and THEN you'd get the spondulicks.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There is already a £5,000 (Taxable) "Golden Hello" for successful submariners, payable when they earn their dolphins.

    It's refreshing to see than none of the potential new joiners are motivated by the prospect of more money! :lol:

    As correctly stated, the bounty is for those already serving who encourage future submariners to join. One just hopes that they remember it wasn't the Careers Adviser that had the cash incentive to encourage them to join the silent service.
  9. Have to have a word with my son then,although him being 6ft 5 ins tall maybe a handicap to him,but the money certainly wont be a handicap to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. What is JPA guys........when I left the pay office was still allowed to fcuk up your bank account! :tp:
  11. I must admit that the very best bit of coming back in after a Patrol was going to the Pay Office in Faslane and them asking the question"Would you like your Pay in Cash or a Cheque ?" and the answer was always cash,and 8 weeks plus of wages made it very hard to get your wallet to close.

    HAPPY DAYS :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  12. the oz mob is giving out retention bonus again. $16000 for a Engine room ticket guy or girl to stay for two years.
    Some individuals within days of their walk out on discharge are also getting phone calls from a Commander at postings in Canberra offering if they sign on for two years they relinquish the $16 grand and they will get $40000 to replace it. My oppo told him to bash it as he wanted a lifestyle change not cash. the three ringer immediatly then upped the ante to $50000!!!
    mate still told him to bash it.

    All these can be salary sacrificed or taken as cash
  13. 50 grand to sign on for two years? I reckon the tax man will get most of it. And as for offering a bounty for those who entice prospective submariners to sign on...why not just slip a shilling into their pint or even better, bash them across the bollard and sling them on board. Both tried and true methods and far less costly :threaten:
  14. They can of course bash them across the bonce and drag them on board if the Press Gang is still legal(cue Thing to research subject). As for the Kings/Queens shilling was never a Navy thing but that for the Army. When did you get a shilling when you joined up or ever swear allegiance to the Crown, RN Ratings do not we were just Mercenaries.

  15. JPA is new system that allows you to access your own personal profile from any MOD computer, you can look at personal deatils, pay, send messages, etc etc. Just means that your pay can be fucked up anywhere by anyone.
  16. Also means that there's no excuse for competences being wrong but, funny old thing, as soon as people aren't paid because they haven't got the right competences in JPA, or don't get the job/promotion they wanted because the competences weren't correct in JPA, it's never "their own fault" always "JPA's..."
    You never hear about all those people overpaid by JPA either. Funny that...

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