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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by thermopylea, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. There offering one grand to reruit anybody for boats and 5 grand to stay in for five years,I wish I was young again, do you think I would get my old age pension as well if I volenteered, there recruiting airy-faires and pongoes,
    but they would be no good they dont know how to play uckers
    This is true it says so in the Sun and says "living in a pretty small steel tube under the sea with 100 other peaple is not everyones cup of tea "
    "I/m sure this scheme will get the men the Navy needs"
    Yeah Right!
  2. Ninja_Stoker

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  3. Its a scam. Pusser has printed 20,000 "bounty under the sea" cards, but, according to the RNTM (can't rememeber number but late last year) they will only honour the first 60 cards that are submitted.
  4. They gave us 3 grand for just not putting our notice in. (Dated 1st April 1979). Maybe there's a lack of forward planning going on in the MoD
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  5. They never offered me that in 74, for that money then I might just have reconsidered.
  6. Ow :pukel: Why did they only just come up with this idea? If I'd been made a decent offer back in '68 I might have stayed, certainly for another ten anyway :thumright: But then again, maybe they did me a favour. Got a job in the ME oil business and stayed there for 30+years at a lot more than the RN could afford :blob5:
  7. I reckon only 1 in a thousand cards will be successful (if that!).
    Why is it a scam? If it's clearly stated that only the first 60 will be paid, it's hardly a secret is it? It's not supposed to be a "get rich quick" scheme.
    RNTM 209/07 according to Navy News (AKA "Skimmers Monthly")
  8. I recently joined as a Submariner and promptly left again (PVO'd), The nice man at the careers office said once you get your dolphins you get a £5000 'reward' as a lump sum, according to a couple of PO's at Raleigh this is going up to £7000. (bet that makes you sick don't it)

    The Navy do a really good job of selling a Submariners career, my division alone had 12 Submariners (i'm told this is a lot for one class), however most of them seriously regretted the decision. The money is a great attraction but the carrers guy seriously need to refine his bullshit.

    Anyway, I've always wanted to ask a serving Submariner if it's worth the money, so, is it?
  9. Course is it is BEAR we are all living the dream.. :rendeer:
  10. They never had bonuses when I first joined boats in 66, you either joined as a volunteer, or like me, were drafted. And our extra pay was 7 bob (35p) extra a day, the same as the submariners of WW II received. Was it worth it ? You betcha- served with some of the finest officers and men you were privileged to serve with - did some of the weirdest and wonderful things you could imagine, had some of the wildest runs ashore imaginable, and can sit back now and say " Yes, it was worth it". Today ? A lot of the technology is over my head, but if you're a submariner, old or new, you're part of the "creme de la creme" - in my time, money was a consideration, never the reason.

  11. The heady days of 1966 and the submarine service is a far cry from the
    S/m s and crew numbers of today .
    In 1968 I was given a bounty to sign on and also was allowed to get an advance of pay to purchase a house --the RN also gave me the legal fees of the house purchase for nowt aswell.
    It was only open to selected Tiffs and Mechs branches.

    Seems like the todays S/m service is hard graft and the sea shore ratio's
    are loaded on the at sea time.
    Most Navy guys can usually adapt if the pay and conditions are manageable ----- I think at the present time people are voting with their
    feet ------

    And ----------the bounties are all taxable --so the promised amounts will be considerably less .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  12. The PO's were wrong. It's still £5k. But transferring from GS (at OPS/qualified) to SM attracts £7500 taxable, which is nice.

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