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£37k - Value for (our) Money?

John Bercow unveils his £37,000 portrait and coat of arms complete with ladder, rainbow and pink triangles - Telegraph

<<...John Bercow has unveiled his official coat of arms, dominated by a ladder to represent his climb to the top and a rainbow and pink triangles to mark his support for homosexual issues....

...The Speaker of the House of Commons also revealed his new official portrait by British artist Brendan Kelly, depicting him rising from his Speaker's chair and motioning towards the Government benches...>>

This might be CA but these pictures beg Free Gangway for a 'Caption Competition'.


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"Using your skill and judgement, place an X on the picture where you think the over inflated fatuous cock is...."
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"I know the power of the Speaker has diminished of late but I rather feel that the inclusion of castration equipment and detached sliced balls is going a bit far"


Speaker John Bercow coat of arms: The vulgar truth about family crests | Mail Online

<<’s heralds must surely smile to themselves as they draw up coats of arms for the show-offs and showbiz personalities, the shady businesspeople and vainglorious politicians who today apply for the honour.

But the heralds are too polite to let their amusement show, and what they made of Bercow’s desire for a shield which was decorated with balls, we shall never know...>>


Thread Title Amendment No.1.

Delete "£37k", Insert "£44k". The reasons for this amendment are stated below.


<<...When John Bercow unveiled his £37,000 official portrait complete with his personal coat of arms earlier this week he was roundly mocked for wasting taxpayers’ money...

...But yesterday he faced further embarrassment after admitting that the coat of arms cost even more.

One extra bill of £5,400 was for the patent and design of the coat of arms by the College of Arms,

while an additional charge of £1,600 was for “preparation of the panelled area for the coat of arms to be displayed”, a spokesman for the Speaker said.

The “error” arose because the extra costs “came from other budgets”.

John Bercow's coat of arms cost more than we thought - Telegraph


From an impeccable source it is understood that the artist has made a buckshee offer to re-paint the Speaker's cheeks with a distinct blush of embarassment but Mr. Bercow has yet to reply.
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