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world war 2

  1. janner

    Twixt the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Janet Kinrade Dethick and Anne M. Corke.

    The story of the crew of HM Submarine Saracen.There has obviously been a lot of in depth research into writing the book as is shown by the details unearthed of the various crew members exploits. I was particularly interested as Mike Lumby her first and only Commanding Officer was a Dorchester...
  2. rebbonk

    Churchill’s Secret Warriors – Damien Lewis

    From the dust jacket, ‘”As good as any thriller I have ever read” – Frederick Forsyth’ and that sums it up. The book contains good old fashioned ‘Boys Own’ tales of daring and bravery, sticking it to Jerry when, and where, he least expected it.Three ships spirited away from a ‘neutral’ port in...
  3. Guns

    War at Sea in the Mediterranean 1940-44 by John Greham & Martin Mace

    This book is a unique collection of the actual battle reports from ships and Admirals during the War in the Mediterranean 1940 to 1944. It covers famous events such as the Malta convoys and the Fleet Air Arm action at Taranto through to smaller skirmishes by the coastal forces. There is a short...