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weapons engineer

  1. M

    Cryptologic Technician Vs Weapons Engineer

    I'm currently looking at a few different roles, but weapons engineer and CT have sparked particular interest.I've already started an application and taken the recruitment test. I prepared well for the test, having taken the practice online, in addition to buying a book with some extra tests...
  2. R

    Royal Navy Engineering Advice

    Hello,I am currently in the midst of my application towards becoming a Royal Navy Engineer, however, I am still unsure about which type of engineering I want to do. The three types available are Marine, Weapons and Aircraft. I'm ideally looking for any advice which can help me answer the...
  3. J

    Weapons Engineer

    Hi, is there anyone who as served as a weapons engineer that can help me with some basic questions like what is day to day life like when on deployment and ashore? The navy website is very good at listing the jobs and benifits but not so good at the day to day stuff. Im due to go to Railegh in...
  4. G

    Unsure about decision.

    Hello, I have completed my application for a Weapons engineering technician and after a 5 or so month wait from August finally got my PRNC and Raleigh date which is another 6 months wait, however I how since been browsing forums and talking to people I know have realised that weapons...
  5. B

    Choice of boats

    Been given my start date for Raleigh and if all goes well and i was to pass and begin phase 2 training do i get to select which boats i wish to serve on?I'm joining as an ETWE (submariner) on would like to opt for vanguard class but don't know if this is a choice or you just go where the navy...
  6. N

    Weapons Engineer Technician advice

    Hi all,I am 17 and have just started my phase 1 training as a reservist and am waiting for a 10 week course at Raleigh and after I completed this I plan to transfer to the regulars as a WE. However, I am at college and doing the 10 weeker would result in me having to leave college and being in...
  7. F

    Slight Hearing problem - Medical Assesment

    Okay so I have a slight hearing loss in my left ear, but like it doesn’t effect me in any way and people don’t even realise till I tell all roles in the navy have the same hearing standards? I wanna be a Weapons engineer and I dunno if they have the same Standards as the rest I don’t...
  8. B

    Raleigh start date July 2018

    I applied for ETWE and have just got my start date this morning for Raleigh 8th July 2018.Anyone else joining on this date?
  9. T

    UGAS Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme - Marine/Weapons Engineer Submariner (MESM/WESM)

    Hi,I have applied to join the Royal Navy on the UGAS submariner engineering scheme. So far, ive passed the recruit test, interview and telephone medical interview.Assuming I pass the in-person medical (fingers crossed!) and with my fitness not being a problem, my only concern is the...