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weapon engineer

  1. T

    Weapons Technician

    So I'm thinking about joining up as a weapons technician, I just can't seem to find the name of the location/school in which I will start learning the ins and outs of the engineering side of things (I've read HMS Sultan in Gosport but apparently that's incorrect) as well as where I might get...
  2. J

    ITAR: specialisation barriers due to citizenship

    Hello allI'm an (Rep. of) Ireland/US dual national looking to join the Royal Navy. I'm finishing up a degree in astrophysics which I'd like to be able to put to use. To that end I was hoping to specialise as a Weapons Engineering officer. Unfortunately when I got in touch with my AFCO he told...
  3. phishphace

    Ex crab applying to the submariners .... (dont hate me)

    Okay, after a long time deliberating I have (as of this morning) decided to apply for the role of WE(sub).When I was 16, I joined the RAF as an engineer, but after 5 years and being posted to a non-operational squadron I became disillusioned (there was no transfers available due to cuts) and...
  4. S

    Will summer leave alter Raleigh

    Hi all, I’ve been given a start date for Raleigh ( 8/06/20 ).I know that you are given 2 weeks leave over the summer period and I was just wondering when if anyone knows what date this falls on?I’m just curious as to how much longer Raleigh will be for myself and if I could potentially plan...
  5. S

    Accelerated Scheme Vs Standard Entry

    Hi everyone, I applied for the Accelerated Weapons Engineer course, passed the exams and the interview but unfortunately was not selected by the board to be offered a place, however I was offered a job going in as a standard rate rather then leading hand.The next Intake for the accelerated...
  6. S

    Accelerated Apprenticeship Pay (WE)

    Hi all, I am currently waiting on a start date for the Royal Navy, I’m joining on the accelerated apprenticeship scheme (fast tracked to leading hand) and was wondering when we will start to receive the pay advertised on the website (£31,000) will this start from Raleigh? Phase 2?I’ve asked in...
  7. youngmarino

    So many questions...

    I have my PRNC next month where I will have a job specific interview aswell as the fitness tests. Im looking to join the UGAS scheme and my placement will depend on how well I do in the interview. I guess my questions are what should I expect? What is more favourable in the terms of WE ME? aft...
  8. JackFH

    WS or ETWE!!!

    Hi all,I am currently at the stage of the PRNC and have applied as a warfare specialist, my careers adviser rung me the other day asking if i would like to become an engineer as I have the score for this branch I said I would think about it....I need your help do I stay as WS or change to...
  9. T

    Is it still possible to do a WE PWO hybrid?

    Hi, I am a sponsored student for WE and I was wondering if I could go towards PWO when I join. I have seen a few mentions of this and it peaked my interest. Thanks for any responses!
  10. BoatyMcBoatFace

    ET-(WE) career questions

    Hello chaps,Looked through literally every single piece of literature about the role of ET-(WE) in the surface fleet but alas it comes up with only a vague bit of general information (same with most other branches).I applied for the role of Mine Warfare Specialist and sent my application off...
  11. BoatyMcBoatFace

    ET-(WE) (Yes, another question I the

    Morning chaps,Before I get started I know there's a lot of information out there about these roles and have searched endlessly.I sent my application off the other night for the role of Mine Warfare Specialist. The AFCO has been in touch and I have to go in for an interview next week.I...