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  1. C

    Warfare officers now need a degree but i have already applied??

    Hi guys, I have applied for the Royal Navy as a warfare officer and have my initial interview on friday. Whilst researching for the interview, I found that a requirement for warfare officer is that you must have a degree, which was not previously the case. I contacted recruitment and they said...
  2. C

    Application advice?

    Hi guys,I’m currently in my first year of sixth form and looking to apply to the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer for when I leave school.I’ve tried to find some guidance on the best time to apply, potentially looking for a Sep 22 intake, but couldn’t really find much - the AFCO couldn’t...
  3. D


    Hey All,Have recently passed my AIB and thought I'd post an up to date career pipeline that I created (with help from my AFCO) since it was the one thing I couldn't find anywhere online for love nor money when I was doing my revision. Hope this helps!!TRAINING PIPELINE: IOT...
  4. Sguaba Tuinne

    Seaman Specialist Recruit Information

    Hello all,As we all know covid restrictions has hindered the recruitment process, especially for those joining the warfare branch.As it's mainly logistics and engineering recruits at Raleigh, I created this thread for anyone who has new information (warfare) regarding those waiting for a...
  5. N

    Submariner Sea Time?

    HelloI'm currently underway in my application for Warfare Officer (Submariner) and I was just wondering what sort of time I would spend at sea. I've read before that it is roughly 60% but would this still be the case today, what with the newer Astute's and current recruitment levels?Many thanks
  6. M

    mine clearance diver

    Im currently applying for the role of mine clearance diver, the waiting list correct as of today is till 2021, which the AFCO told me they received on the friday just gone.I have booked in for my PADI open water course, starting in 2 weeks to try get as much dive experience as possible before...
  7. TheMau5e

    Failed AIB entry for warfare

    Hi all, I failed AIB today. None the less extremely happy as I learnt alot about myself from the process!I've been advised to reapply for officer after serving 2 or 3 years to build confidence regarding group discussions and putting my ideas on the table.I was told to go down the path as...
  8. M

    Warfare specialist to officer.

    Hi all, I’m new to this site so please bare with me haha. I’m currently in the process of looking at different roles. I really want to become a warfare officer. However I don’t have a GCSE grade C in maths (I have every other qualification needed) so I was wondering, am I able to join as a...
  9. JackFH


    Alright guys I'm week 2 going into week 3 anyone have any questions about weeks 1 and 2 or anything else fire away.
  10. JackFH

    Week 2

    Alright guys I'm week 2 going into week 3 anyone have any questions about first 2 weeks or anything else fire away.
  11. JackFH

    ETWE training

    Hi all,I have recently swapped from WS to ETWE and am now waiting for my new dates for HMS Raleigh and my PRNC. I am wondering if anyone has anymore in depth knowledge of ETWE training at HMS Collingwood I have seen the basics but just wondered if anyone had anymore knowledge on it so I know...
  12. JackFH

    WS or ETWE!!!

    Hi all,I am currently at the stage of the PRNC and have applied as a warfare specialist, my careers adviser rung me the other day asking if i would like to become an engineer as I have the score for this branch I said I would think about it....I need your help do I stay as WS or change to...
  13. J

    Watch Recommendations

    Can I get any recommendations on watches to buy for HMS Raleigh, basic training please?Thank you.
  14. J

    Need answers! :/

    Hi I'm just about to go to Raleigh in a few weeks and need the following questions answered:1) Are showers at HMS Raleigh private? 2) Do you get ANY leave for the duration of your Phase 1 training? 3) How many persons in one dorm?Any answers would be hugely appreciated!Thanks.
  15. J

    Passed AIB with a near Perfect Score, what can I do while I wait?

    So this week I passed my AIB with a near perfect score, the Board President said it was the best score he had seen from a potential Warfare candidate in a fair few years. He is also more than confident that I will be selected for the May intake.I was just wondering what happens now while I...
  16. ws1602

    Warfare Specialist WS

    I know there are posts out there about being a WS but they all seem fairly old (posted around '08, '09).I've read about Phase 1 training and what really happens.However, cannot find anything on Phase 2.- What do you actually do? - What is in the training? - Where is the training? - Do you...
  17. J

    Warfare Officers - Awaiting Sift Interview

    Hi,I've recently passed my PJFT In 10:30. I'm waiting for my AFCO to get in touch with me and give me my date for my Sift Interview.I was wondering if anyone else has applied and is at the same stage as me, I've been told to expect a January intake with a view to me completing my AIB in...
  18. H


    Could anyone explain the reasons for some roles being high priority? the reason behind the lack of numbers in the HP branches job roles?
  19. M

    Failed Officer Selection. Any Advice?

    Hi All,Applied for officer and after sitting the recruit test was informed my English Skills in the test wasn't up to standard but my Maths and Mechanical Comprehension was the best out of the group sitting it with 100% in Maths.I was given the option of resitting the recruit test in 3...
  20. M

    Warfare Specialist

    I'm currently going through an application to join the navy as a warfare specialist and was wondering if anyone could tell me how long deployments tend to be for a job like that.