warfare specialist

  1. P

    Royal Navy Other Rank intake

    So I've been given my RN other rank intake for June 6th 2022 and was wondering what to expect is it a definitive start for phase 1 or do I need to wait further information and tests? I've applied for warfare specialist (surface fleet).
  2. I

    Crypto Technician or WS Intelligence?

    Hey everyone. I’m currently preparing to send off my RN application but am stuck between two main roles. Originally I was going to go for WS (which is a role im still keen on) however i’ve looked into both CT and WS Intelligence. I have in interest in intelligence so I was wondering if anyone...
  3. I

    Warfare Spec or Aircraft Handler

    Hey everyone. I’m currently stuck between applying for Warfare Specialist or the Aircraft Handler role. I’ve heard the AH can have a waiting list of up to two years so I was wondering if anyone knew what the waiting list is for the WS? As if it is shorter I might apply for that instead. Also if...
  4. I

    Warfare Specialist

    Hi there. I plan on joining the Royal Navy as a Warfare Specialist this year. I was wondering if anyone can clarify if you are able to choose your sub-spec ie(AWW/AWT/EW/UW) before your second stage of training? I’ve heard people saying you can order them in preference but also heard people say...
  5. T

    Warfare Specialist.

    Evening all, I’m currently looking into different roles in the Navy. A few roles stick out more than others...one being the Warfare Specialist. I have read a few threads about the role, and understand that there is now sub branches. Correct me if I’m wrong. I would prefer a more hands on job...
  6. M

    Warfare specialist to officer.

    Hi all, I’m new to this site so please bare with me haha. I’m currently in the process of looking at different roles. I really want to become a warfare officer. However I don’t have a GCSE grade C in maths (I have every other qualification needed) so I was wondering, am I able to join as a...
  7. JackFH

    WS or ETWE!!!

    Hi all, I am currently at the stage of the PRNC and have applied as a warfare specialist, my careers adviser rung me the other day asking if i would like to become an engineer as I have the score for this branch I said I would think about it.... I need your help do I stay as WS or change to...
  8. L.L1878

    HMS RALEIGH 17th June

    Got me start date for Raleigh 17th June for WS Just lookin to see if thers anyone else on here who starts around that time, prnc 7th May aswell
  9. tbfyb

    Warfare specialist

    I got my PRNC and my entry date for Raleigh but after reading a lot of posts on here I’m worried I’ll regret my decision, is it too late to change to a weapons engineer or should I stick it out? Could anyone try and put my mind at ease about WS or is It as bad as they say?
  10. tbfyb

    Extendable baton?!

    i was looking at the RN website and came across a picture of a warfare specialists kit. I get the use for everything but an extendable baton? There must be a use for it but I can’t think of one. Any ideas? https://goo.gl/images/8dyRyF
  11. tbfyb

    Interview/warfare specialist

    im bricking it for my interview tomorrow. Can anyone give me a heads up on specific questions about the RN which are there to take me off guard? And can anyone tell me in detail what to expect as a warfare specialist as I can't seem to find much in detail. Thanks a lot