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warfare officer

  1. B

    Warfare Officer SM after service

    What do SM Warfare Officers do after leaving the service? Assuming they've had a reasonably good career, may or may not have passed Perisher, and have retired from service but want to work still. My current role is Warfare Officer GS, but I am very intrigued by the Submarine Service and look...
  2. C

    Warfare officers now need a degree but i have already applied??

    Hi guys, I have applied for the Royal Navy as a warfare officer and have my initial interview on friday. Whilst researching for the interview, I found that a requirement for warfare officer is that you must have a degree, which was not previously the case. I contacted recruitment and they said...
  3. J

    What is the Warfare Officer course like once you're there?

    Hello, my boyfriend is trying to join the Navy as a warfare officer and I was wondering what the course at Britannia is like in terms of holidays and weekends off etc? I am keen to know if I will be able to visit him, how much time off he'll get etc. Any details about the timings of the course...
  4. C

    Application advice?

    Hi guys, I’m currently in my first year of sixth form and looking to apply to the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer for when I leave school. I’ve tried to find some guidance on the best time to apply, potentially looking for a Sep 22 intake, but couldn’t really find much - the AFCO couldn’t...
  5. D


    Hey All, Have recently passed my AIB and thought I'd post an up to date career pipeline that I created (with help from my AFCO) since it was the one thing I couldn't find anywhere online for love nor money when I was doing my revision. Hope this helps!! TRAINING PIPELINE: IOT...
  6. I

    Officer joining requirements

    Hi everyone, I was looking at the Warfare Intelligence Officer role and wanted to ask about the entry requirements. It says you need 72 UCAS points / 5 GCSE’s. All I was wondering was do you need both the UCAS points and the GCSE’s? I have over 72 UCAS points but not 5 GCSE’s so I was wondering...
  7. N

    Submariner Sea Time?

    Hello I'm currently underway in my application for Warfare Officer (Submariner) and I was just wondering what sort of time I would spend at sea. I've read before that it is roughly 60% but would this still be the case today, what with the newer Astute's and current recruitment levels? Many thanks
  8. N

    Joining as a Warfare Officer submarine v surface

    Hi Guys, I've recently started the application to hopefully become a Warfare Officer (surface). Whilst on the phone to my ACLO they said that surface WO was getting really over-saturated and for me to manage my expectations, however the submariner role would be significantly less competitive...
  9. O

    How bad is the Aircrew Pilot/Observer Qualification pipeline?

    I'm currently getting fit/studying up to apply to the RN and I have family and friends currently in the navy, all having passed out of Dartmouth last year. What I have been hearing, however, is that pipeline for Pilot and Observer is pretty jam-packed and can take up to multi-year for...
  10. I

    Officer Near Visual Acuity for Category 1 or 2

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping you might be able to give a bit of advice on eye tests as I'm planning on joining up as an officer after rona lockdown is done and I had my eyes done privately to actually see what they are (as I want to ideally fly or be warfare) and my eyes are fine, within all those...
  11. J

    Naval Staff Roles

    Good afternoon, I'm in the process of joining the RN as a Warfare Officer and I wanted to ask whether there were any jobs in the naval staff (i.e. supporting the Navy Board and the Admiralty Board) for officers in the Warfare branch and what these roles entail? The reason I ask is because I am...
  12. A

    DGE Warfare Officer 2019 Application: My journey.

    I've seen others post about their journey through applications, and I thought that it might be helpful for others that are in my situation (and helpful for me to self reflect), if I shared my process too. A bit about me: I am a recent graduate (MA International Relations (East Asia), Durham)...
  13. M

    Warfare specialist to officer.

    Hi all, I’m new to this site so please bare with me haha. I’m currently in the process of looking at different roles. I really want to become a warfare officer. However I don’t have a GCSE grade C in maths (I have every other qualification needed) so I was wondering, am I able to join as a...
  14. URNU/MNsnotty

    MN to RN

    Hi all, I am currently a cadet deck officer with the Merchant Navy at present. Once I qualify I want to join the RN as a warfare officer. Has anyone any experience of this but the other way around? Also would there be any allowances made for my past experience and qualifications? Thank you...
  15. P

    warfare officer?

    hi guys, I have passed my RT and now im off for my interview for warfare officer. I want to go in with as much knowledge as possible so I can answer everything thrown my way. can anyone tell me what the main responsibilities/ secondary roles of a warfare officer please? and/or even perhaps run...
  16. J

    Passed AIB with a near Perfect Score, what can I do while I wait?

    So this week I passed my AIB with a near perfect score, the Board President said it was the best score he had seen from a potential Warfare candidate in a fair few years. He is also more than confident that I will be selected for the May intake. I was just wondering what happens now while I...
  17. J

    Warfare Officers - Awaiting Sift Interview

    Hi, I've recently passed my PJFT In 10:30. I'm waiting for my AFCO to get in touch with me and give me my date for my Sift Interview. I was wondering if anyone else has applied and is at the same stage as me, I've been told to expect a January intake with a view to me completing my AIB in...
  18. MenInSlacks

    After initial officer training

    Hello all, The thing that killed the cat is bugging me again so I thought I'd post about it here. While it'll be a while for me (hoping all goes to plan), I was just curious as to what happens to RNR officers once they've completed the initial training element? Only been told very vaguely and...
  19. B

    Role of a divisional officer

    I had a look around but still can't find a few bits of info relating to the role of a divisional officer. I have passed AIB and am waiting for a place at Dartmouth as a warfare officer. Would I be immediately made a divisional officer when I am placed on my first ship or is this only after the...