1. Kirkmania

    Our War (2011) TV Series

    Our War (2011) TV Series. This is a documentary series looking at the war in Afghanistan as seen through the eyes of the soldiers who are fighting on the frontline, telling the story of the conflict through the words and pictures of the young soldiers themselves. KirkCrazy Password: Army...
  2. gregleeds

    Anyone recognise this rig?

    So I'm doing a bit of research for my partner. This is her grandad around the mid 40s. He looks like some sort of comms or radio operator. After the war he worked with planes. We don't have much info about him but that would maybe suggest the air force perhaps? I know it's not the best picture...
  3. janner

    Investigating Organised Crime and War Crimes

    An interesting and in places very graphic account of some of the most horrific crimes, both in Europe and the Middle East of the modern era. The Author started his Police career in the Metropolitan Police and then transferred to the Dorset Force after six years. He rose through the ranks...
  4. J

    Royal Marines Deployment

    I want to join the Royal Marines next year. I also want to go to war. Are they currently fighting in any wars, or are there any upcoming wars. - Thanks
  5. janner

    The Last Legionnaire.

    The Last Legionnaire…..Author Paul Fraser Collard. This is the second novel I have read by Paul Fraser Collard featuring his hero Jack Lark. The author weaves history and fiction together in an easy to read format and the book flows along at a good rate. This time Jack returns to his...