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waiting list

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    Waiting times 2020 for a chef

    Hey guys bit new to the website but just asking if anybody on here is aware of the waiting list for a chef, currently 17 have run time down to 9.30 so fit enough at the moment but hope to apply in May, if anyone could tell me how long it would be until I would start phase 1 at Raleigh if I start...
  2. H

    Medical assistant waiting Times

    Hi there, I'm considering joining as an Medical assistant was just wondering how Long from the application submission date until I would reach Raleigh? Many thanks
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    Seaman Speicalist waiting time

    Hello! Just wondering if somebody can give me some sort of idea on the waiting time for a seaman Speicalist based on their recent applications/experience? Would be much appreciated.
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    Hi guys, I applied in April this year for the role of ET(ME) and I have done the psychometric test and I gave my eye test results in earlier and I was wondering if anyone knows about the waiting list for the role of ET(ME) if so how long will I be looking to wait. Thank you