1. C


    Hello all, I am looking for some support and advice regarding joining the Royal Navy. I'm currently studying for an MSc in Criminology and was only just made aware of the URNU when I searched the groups and societies page at my university. I was incredibly exciting to put myself out there and...
  2. S

    RNR, RMR or URNU?

    Hello. I'm currently considering a career as a medical officer in the navy, and I'm exploring options for what to do during uni. I'm trying to choose between the RNR, RMR, and (if I get the offer from a university that has one) a URNU. I'm interested in joining as a medical officer, and...
  3. MenInSlacks

    RNR Officer during Uni

    Hi all, Long time reader first time poster. Sorry it might be a long one. My conundrum is as follows: I'm at university in Leicester and am planning to join the RNR as an officer while there. However there are no RNR units nearby. The closest are at Nottingham (HMS Sherwood) and Birmingham...
  4. D

    UGAS or University?

    Hi all! I know there are very similar threads out there on this topic but I've been torn up on deciding whether to join the Royal Navy on the Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme or to join a University and find a career in mechanical engineering on 'civvy street'. I am currently in my 1st year...
  5. F

    University or the Navy?

    I'm 18 years old and currently struggling to decide between going to university or continuing with my navy application and hopefully joining as an aircrewman. I managed to pass my FATs down at RAF Cranwell and currently waiting on my aircrew medical. However, I do have an offer from a...