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  1. DreadnaughtDabber

    Single living accommodation question

    Hello, first time using this platform after using it to read ho and learn, I’m currently awaiting a entry date for Raleigh, I just had a few brief questions that I couldn’t seem to find online anywhere, firstly, single living accommodation, I don’t expect to actually get accommodation, I’m...
  2. Repulse

    HMS Kestrel Crew

    Hi folks. Long time, no post! I have recently found another photo of my grandfather, Charles Howe (joined the RN in 1911 at HMS Pembroke) who is (standing, right) in this photo... I am curious to know what the uniform is that the man sitting down is wearing. Any contribution gratefully...
  3. GunnerWafu

    For Sale

    I have recently retired and have a number of items for sale. All uniforms will fit someone around 5ft 10, 35/36 inch waist, 40 inch chest and 31 inside leg. I have: Captain's Undress Tailcoat and Lightning Conductor trousers with Waistcoat and White Braces. Made by Garry Beverley and his usual...
  4. TheLegend27

    CCF Cadet New uniform

    Hi navy net, Don't suppose anyone knows when the CCF will get RNPCCS/RNPCS do you? Cheers!