1. Z

    Royal Navy triage call

    Hi guys wondering if use could give me a little help here I am getting a call from the triage nurse some point next week, I was having a scan over my own copy of the medical questionnaire and I’ve realised there a couple of things I’ve forgotten to say one was a football injury I had to go to...
  2. J

    Royal Navy appeal

    Hi all, Apologies in advanced for any grammatical or spelling mistakes/errors and I understand this will be a rather long and complicated read.. So, about a month ago I had my Triage medical phone call for the Royal Navy and they TMU'd me at first for a history of food allergies. I was...
  3. B

    Would this be graded S8 or S2? Navy medical (JSP950)

    Seen my GP last February after my dad passed away unexpectedly and was prescribed Sertraline as treatment and attendence of a weekly stress control program. I'd say my episode was mild not that severe as it wasn't impacting my abilities for more than a week prior to seeking treatment, once I...
  4. YorkieSpecs

    Nut allergy appeal

    Okay, new to this forum so first off hi all. I just had my Triage Nurse call earlier today and went through all the questions fine. But I declared I had a mild nut allergy (It's that mild I don't need an epi-pen). The nurse over the phone said that I can't be passed onto the next stage yet...
  5. DontDrown

    TMU "Old War Story" Usual Boring Queries; but any advice most welcome!

    Simple question: last week after my telephone interview with the CAPITA Triage Nurse, I received my automated standard email advising that due to several historical medical 'queries' (e.g. issues such as having an operation on a leg vein when I was fifteen) that I had flagged within my written...