1. C

    Navy ATC officer - locations

    Hi, I’m thinking of joining the navy as an ATC Officer. As there are only two aircraft carriers, would the majority of the role be spent on land in the U.K. at the RNAS’s or RAF bases? Thanks in advance
  2. W

    "trade" training

    Question after the marinisation phase the second half of training and your specialism training are you able to travel home in the evenings and weekends ( I know you can't during initial recruit training) just trying to figure a few things out with our housing situation Many thanks
  3. M

    Runs ashore and the submarine service

    Though this question may have been asked in the past the information I could find was scarce at best. It’s to my understanding that submariners generally do less travelling than their surface fleet counterparts, and if you get drafted to bombers then runs ashore are virtually non existent...
  4. B

    Supply Chain logistian sea time/travel

    Hi, Can anybody tell me if you get to travel much being a supply chain logistian in the Royal Navy ?
  5. M

    AET experiences

    Hi, I’m in the process of joining and training to become an AET I was just wondering is the travel really limited or is it just not by ship, any ex or serving WAFU fancy sharing there experiences abroad? Thanks.
  6. K

    Life in the navy

    Curious to know places I can expect to travel and see, and if I’d have chance to explore where ever I may travel. And what can I expect to do as a chef, such as downtime, hours worked and personal training?
  7. K

    Royal Navy test and Roles

    Recently applied for the Royal Navy as I had in the past but failed the test for the role In which I applied for, they then offered me a chef position and I stupidly turned it down due to some of the stories I’ve heard such as they don’t get time off and don’t get to the see world as much as the...
  8. Subadubdub

    Travelling from Glasgow to Raleigh

    Hey all, I'm just waiting on word now from my AFCO on a start date having bossed the PJFT yesterday. I have had a look around, used the search and I've been reading thread upon thread here now for about two months, although I've just joined as a member today - first thread - apologies in...
  9. H


    1. Pho Pho consists of flat rice noodles, meat-based broth. The dish is usually accompanied by basil, lime, chili, and other extras on the side so that eaters can season the soup to their own taste. Pho usually becomes an instant favorite for anyone visiting Vietnam. 2. Bun Bo Hue Bun Bo...
  10. BoatyMcBoatFace

    How much of the world does the average RN sailor see?

    Hello all. This section seemed the only place to put this. I'm just wondering -- I mean everyone says and I know the navy travel the world -- but how much of it will the average sailor on a ship see? I know the RN is all over the world (from Bahrain to the Ross ice shelf), Most of it the...
  11. HarryWeekenders

    HarryWeekenders - LiftShare, Ride Share

    Hi, I have a site aimed at Tri service, called HarryWeekenders. What is it? HarryWeekenders enables organised Lift sharing/Ride sharing/Car Pooling by connecting people travelling in the same direction either pickup on route, weve even had someone request shoes to be dropped of at a...
  12. explodingcookie

    Motorcycle? Car? Train?

    Hi guys and galls I'm joining in a while, and once I'm through Raleigh and at HMS Sultan I'm going to need a way to get home. I have a few options. (the trip is around 170 miles to my home either using the M25 or straight through London. 1) No personal vehicle, just a train home. 2) A cheap...