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  1. Nekhen

    Reserve to Full-Time and Ranks

    Hello! I'm applying for RNR General Entry Officer, whilst I pursue a civilian career. I was wondering about what happens w/regards to ranks if, after say spending a few years as a reserve officer and attaining a rank of, for example, a sub-lieutenant, I decided that I preferred the navy to my...
  2. D

    Applying directly as a submariner - later options

    Hello, I have been looking through the past threads but I am looking for a definite answer. If you join H.M.S Raleigh with the intentions to become a submariner. Could you ever transfer from boats to G.S if you do not like, it due to the lack of foreign visits etc?
  3. B

    RAF SNCO to Commissioned RN

    Good evening all, BLUF: Does anyone now the specifics of the when I would leave the RAF (prior/during/on completion of BRNC) if I was to successfully at the AIB when applying to join the RN as an MEO? First time posting in this forum, but have read through the invaluable knowledge and...
  4. D

    Transfer from Observer to Pilot?

    After trawling through threads there seems to be little on role transfers within the navy, and I wanted to know how possible this is? I applied to the RN for pilot and despite passing the aptitude test, was recently offered a space at BRNC for Observer which I have accepted. I wanted to see if...
  5. J

    Best roles for overseas opportunities.

    Hows it going guys, im currently serving in the Raf and im looking to transfer over. Ive seen a few trades that seem interesting, however i dont know what navy life is like so im asking for some guidance. So far ive seen: Mine clearance diver air traffic control officer PTI Engineering onboard...
  6. F

    Joining RNR/RMR - Potential Transfer

    Good evening all, I have been reliably directed here for info and hope someone may be able to assist. I'm after a bit of advice and looking for guidance if possible with regard to a transfer from the Army Reserve to the RNR or RMR. I am an ex regular soldier and current army reservist...
  7. S

    Transfer from Army to Navy

    Hi everyone I’m requesting a transfer from the Army to Navy. Can anyone let me know of the process? How long roughly it takes? Do I have to do the swim test having passed one with the army? Will I have to do medicals as I have just had one saying I’m fully deployable and medically fit? I’m also...
  8. A

    LET transferring from Navy to RM

    Hi all, bit of background first. WE submariner on LET’s course. Done just over five years now but I feel like I’m missing something career wise. It’s always eaten away at me that I should have joined the Marines or Army as a lad rather than the submarine service. I don’t regret my time, I’m...
  9. TuckerKlein

    Not another RMR post...

    Good Evening All, Long time lurker first time poster. After what felt like a recruitment eternity (although actually quite quickly by all accounts - 9 months even with a medical appeal/ PMU!). I recently attested into the RNR as a general entry rating with all parts of the joining process...
  10. R

    Army Sgt Vehicle Mechanic (REME) transfer to Royal Navy ME

    Hi guys, I am looking for some info on transferring to Royal Navy ME. I am already a SGT Vehicle Mechanic (REME) in the Army and i am thinking about transferring to Royal Navy ME. I think my time as a Vehicle Mechanic has run its course and wouldn't mind a new challenge still within the...