training pipeline

  1. D

    Logistics Officer Training Pipeline

    Hi all I am currently in the very early applcation stages, going for Logistics Officer. I have searched high and low over the internet for a detailed timeline on training; from the minute you arrive at BRNC to begin your initial training to when you finally complete your professional training...
  2. Anchor Faced

    Training pipeline question

    I am told that the post-BRNC training pipeline for warfare officers is on Defence Gateway, but despite clicking around and use of search button have not seen it. Can anyone advise on where it is please? Asking because someone who recently passed it says his entire board was asked at AIB what...
  3. W

    Up-to-date General Entry Officer Training Pipeline

    Hi everyone. I'm currently preparing for my SIFT interview (although, it appears to be called a Career Discussion now). Can anyone assist with a detailed chronology of the training pipeline (Post AIB) for an RNR Young Officer? I am aware there have been changes over the years. Having spent...