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training courses

  1. J

    What is the Warfare Officer course like once you're there?

    Hello, my boyfriend is trying to join the Navy as a warfare officer and I was wondering what the course at Britannia is like in terms of holidays and weekends off etc? I am keen to know if I will be able to visit him, how much time off he'll get etc. Any details about the timings of the course...
  2. M

    Cold weather training?

    Hiya newbie here. I was scouting the RN website and came across “Cold weather training”. I wanted to know does everyone get a chance to do this training? Or is it dependent on role. Also whilst I’m on the subject of training and activities. I’ve read somewhere that every year you can go and do...
  3. J

    Hms sultan start dates 2021

    When does training course start at hms sultan for AETs as expected to pass out Raleigh on the 11th of Demeter wondering when I would start phase 2 training as it would be close to Christmas would I be sent home till my start date at sultan or go straight there after pass out
  4. S

    Accelerated Apprenticeship Pay (WE)

    Hi all, I am currently waiting on a start date for the Royal Navy, I’m joining on the accelerated apprenticeship scheme (fast tracked to leading hand) and was wondering when we will start to receive the pay advertised on the website (£31,000) will this start from Raleigh? Phase 2? I’ve asked in...
  5. A

    Payment of rent/Phone bill etc while training

    Hello, new to this, extremely excited to do my PRNC and hopefully pass to go to HMS RALEIGH as a ETMA, found out my start date for Raleigh is the 10th of June if all goes well at Rosyth, I am in full time work right now and pay bills, roughly around £400 a month, would I need to save up this...
  6. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Quest March 2017

    The latest edition of Quest magazine is out now. For all you're ELC funding and advise. Lots of course providers. If you have ELC's to use Quest is full of courses to choose from.