1. R

    Medical depression

    Hi all, new here. looking for some clarification and advice on the medical side of things if anyone can be off assistance. I have carefully looked over both the online medical eligibility form and also the capita medical questionnaire Hoping to join RNR but also expecting the strong...
  2. J

    TMU Migraine

    A worried mum here… just need some clarification, if anyone can help? Daughter had her triage medical on the phone today, when asked the question “have you seen a GP within 5 years?” Daughter mentioned that she had a migraine 2.5 yrs ago and GP diagnosed it as a Migraine with aura. She hasn’t...
  3. R


    Hi all, began my application for the Royal Marines at the very start of 2021, went through all the screening process, details etc eye test and so but was made TMU when it came to my triage phone call because of asthma or apparent case of asthma over 15 years ago aswell as a broken hand 6 years...
  4. M

    Anyone else waiting on Capita?

    I understand this has probably discussed before and I’ve heard how Capita are quite infamous for taking their time with things. My application has absolutely flew through until I was made TMU during triage. My GP surgery sent off an invoice to Capita a few days ago, until this is processed they...
  5. S

    Medical reviewed by senior medical officer

    I recently had my medical and unfortunately i got a letter saying that it has been put on hold until it is reviewed by a senior medical officer and i am currently TMU. I dont know what bit exactly needs to be reviewed, i have asked my careers officer about that but i am just wondering if anyone...
  6. C

    Potential PMU

    ** Moved to another thread **
  7. K

    TMU wait after sending in supporting documents

    Hi All, I was declared TMU, however the doctor that covered the TMU was overseas, I have since spoken to the doctor and received the necessary documents and sent them off to Capita last week, but I have not heard anything since. Any ideas on how long it will take to respond to me? Also I found...
  8. H

    Temporarily Medically Unfit - Advice Please!

    Hi, I've had my triage call this morning and have been made TMU, on the basis of a knee dislocation in 2010, and then an injury to the knee in 2015, she asked if surgery was needed which it wasnt, and told her i was advised just to rest the knee and had physio therapy in 2010 :) I also told her...
  9. H

    Prescription med's and medically unfit!

    hey, so I recently passed the psychometric exam for AET, and the following interview with flying colours. However I just had my CAPITA phone call and have been made "Medically unfit" doesn't say TMU or PMU so not sure which one(?) Anyone have any info on what happens if you're still on...
  10. DontDrown

    TMU "Old War Story" Usual Boring Queries; but any advice most welcome!

    Simple question: last week after my telephone interview with the CAPITA Triage Nurse, I received my automated standard email advising that due to several historical medical 'queries' (e.g. issues such as having an operation on a leg vein when I was fifteen) that I had flagged within my written...
  11. A

    Made a mistake on medical form, declared TMU

    Hi everyone, I am a typically harrassed middle aged mother of three boys, the oldest of which is in the process of applying to join the RN. He asked me to help him with dates of all the times he has fallen over and hurt himself playing rugby to put on his medical form, as I had wiped some of...
  12. A

    TMU Help please!!

    Hey all, I have been following this site for a while now, ever since I put my application in for the Royal Navy for AET or "WAFU" four months ago, and this is my first time posting. I passed my RT two months ago and finally had my triage medical phone call last week, and unfortunately I was...