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    Worried about Fitness for PRNC

    Hi all, just passed my PJFT by the skin of my teeth (12 minutes 8 seconds) worried that my fitness isn't high enough for PRNC and of course i want to improve this. Any ideas?
  2. B

    PRNC push ups

    When you're doing the PRNC push up test is it to a beep or is it a time limit and you have to do as many push ups as you can manage?
  3. K

    Royal Navy test and Roles

    Recently applied for the Royal Navy as I had in the past but failed the test for the role In which I applied for, they then offered me a chef position and I stupidly turned it down due to some of the stories I’ve heard such as they don’t get time off and don’t get to the see world as much as the...
  4. D

    Need Medical advice ASAP!

    Hi, I am 16 years old I am just about to finish my GCSEs and wish to join the Royal Navy, its been a life long ambition, and I have had a naval family since the 1800s. I did however receive the news that I am not eligible to be "a military man" by a doctor due to a heart condition, I have a...
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    Colour deficient (colour blindness)

    Hi I am going to pop into a recruitment office this next week to start the processes of an application to the Navy. I am colour blind - but going for a branch with CP4 standards. Does anyone know of any national chain of opticians that does the lantern test and possibly the wires test? I...