tattoos help

  1. J


    So I’ve got my entry date but I’m looking at having one of my tattoos covered but I want to know whether it’s allowed to be a Medusa tattoo. I know that it’s says no racist of offensive tattoos but some people have told me to check before I get it. Can someone give me an insight to whether this...
  2. B

    Rangers tattoo

    Hello, I read on the RN website that 'political' tattoos aren't tolerated. Unfortunately it didn't elaborate on as to what they consider to be political. Would they consider a Rangers FC tattoo on my chest to be political? Cheers.
  3. J

    Finger Tattoo's. Currently being removed. Will i get turned down?

    hello guys. I have my psychometric test on tuesday but there is one thing that is worrying me.. I have small fingers tattoo's which i am currently in the process of getting laser removed. My question is, will they turn me down until my tattoos are completely removed? If i am successful they will...