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  1. GunnerWafu

    For Sale

    I have recently retired and have a number of items for sale. All uniforms will fit someone around 5ft 10, 35/36 inch waist, 40 inch chest and 31 inside leg. I have: Captain's Undress Tailcoat and Lightning Conductor trousers with Waistcoat and White Braces. Made by Garry Beverley and his usual...
  2. B

    Dress Sword HMS Argent 1795

    My father, who passed away last year was a Commander Fleet Air Arm and had a dress sword engraved: Captain Robert Manners Sutton, HMS Ardent 1795. I am very happy to have this hanging on the wall but feel obliged, on behalf of the family to ascertain what its monetary value might be. Scabbard...