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    MCD PDA swimming technique

    Hello everyone I'm in the early stages of my application for the role of mine clearance diver. I haven't even had my interview with my AFCO yet so perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, however, fortune favors the prepared. I'm confident in my strength and running but I'd like some clarification...
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    RFA seamanship apprentice

    Hi all, I have my heart set on applying for the rfa and I was wanting to know more about the swimming elements of joining. From the information I have found there is no swimming test to join, but you do have to complete a basic sea survival course and I would like to no more about it? Like -...
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    Not being a confident swimmer

    Hi, Joining the navy has been on my mind for a couple months now but still thinking about if it’s right for me by weighing up the pros&cons, one of my concerns is I’m not a massively confident swimmer, water doesn’t phase me an neither scared of being on water i.e (on a boat) but when it comes...
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    AIB swimming test

    In the recent months I've been researching AIB and I'd more or less established it included an essay, psychometric tests, leadership and problem solving tasks, 2.4k timed run and the main board interview but I had not come across anything which mentioned swimming which seemed odd, until today...