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    SUY Eligibility

    Good evening everyone, I'm new to the forum and hopefully I can get involved with some of the other discussions on here in due course, but for now I'm sorry to say it's take, take, take. I was just wondering if any of you good people could answer a question for me. I'm considering raising my...
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    Senior Upper Yardsmen (SUY) Course 2016

    I am on the staff at BRNC and the DO for the SUY Course. I have created this thread for those attending BRNC in the near future as an additional comms stream. Full Joining instructions are available under the SUY link in the Training Departments Section BRNC homepage which can be accessed...
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    Senior Upper Yardman

    Good morning all, A first time post, but an avid reader of the forums. AIB passed and currently discussing options with the RA in relation to BRNC start date. So... I'm looking for anyone's advice and top tips from their time at Dartmouth as an SUY. Many thanks