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  1. S

    Army to navy

    Hi all so my unit has agreed to support me on my transfer from the army to the navy I will be leaving with NVQ level 3 extended diploma in engineering technical support I contacted the rejoiners also and they said I won’t have to do basic and that I would tip up to a unit basically for kit...
  2. J

    MEO or WEO

    Hi all, I applied for Pilot in the FAA last year and have been stuck waiting for a date for AIB as my recruiter tells me that recruitment is paused at the moment (for Pilot). While this is frustrating, it has also given me time to finish my degree and consider some other options. I have...
  3. E

    A few questions about life in the RN and the engineering roles

    Had a few questions about the roles and life in general in the forces What are the opportunities for the engineering officer roles (marine and weapons) in both the surface fleet and the submariner roles after leaving the RN? How easily would they be hired and what kind of jobs would be...
  4. N

    Joining as a Warfare Officer submarine v surface

    Hi Guys, I've recently started the application to hopefully become a Warfare Officer (surface). Whilst on the phone to my ACLO they said that surface WO was getting really over-saturated and for me to manage my expectations, however the submariner role would be significantly less competitive...
  5. D

    Clearance Diver Deployments

    Gents, I know this seems a bit of a daft question but how often would a RN Diver expect to deploy? I am currently serving as a SNCO in the RAF but am looking to transfer although I am aware that the branch is currently closed. The question is more for my wife, currently I deploy every 2 years...
  6. S

    Accelerated Scheme Vs Standard Entry

    Hi everyone, I applied for the Accelerated Weapons Engineer course, passed the exams and the interview but unfortunately was not selected by the board to be offered a place, however I was offered a job going in as a standard rate rather then leading hand. The next Intake for the accelerated...
  7. M

    mine clearance diver

    Im currently applying for the role of mine clearance diver, the waiting list correct as of today is till 2021, which the AFCO told me they received on the friday just gone. I have booked in for my PADI open water course, starting in 2 weeks to try get as much dive experience as possible before...
  8. N

    Surface vs submarines

    I am a educated 20 year old ( passed with officer marks easily but don’t possess the Alevels required as I did an apprenticeship instead of college) who wants a challenging career. My main aims to achieve is high pay , longevity of career and as many promotions as possible hopefully in as quick...
  9. D

    Logistics Officer Training Pipeline

    Hi all I am currently in the very early applcation stages, going for Logistics Officer. I have searched high and low over the internet for a detailed timeline on training; from the minute you arrive at BRNC to begin your initial training to when you finally complete your professional training...
  10. I

    Interested in becoming a Logistics Officer

    Hi all, new to this site. Recently out of university (22), looks like I will be achieving a 2:1 in Mathematics. I have been looking through royal at jobs in logistics and see two roles that appeal to me: 1: Logistics Officer (Surface Fleet) -...
  11. P

    Seaman Speicalist waiting time

    Hello! Just wondering if somebody can give me some sort of idea on the waiting time for a seaman Speicalist based on their recent applications/experience? Would be much appreciated.
  12. H


    Could anyone explain the reasons for some roles being high priority? the reason behind the lack of numbers in the HP branches job roles?
  13. McHarp

    Female submariner entry

    Hello all - first post going up as I've been reading and researching discussions on here for a fair bit of time and haven't found an exact answer to my question (I've seen plenty of "have you tried using the search bar?" And I didn't want to be another one of those). I've been a reservist almost...
  14. BoatyMcBoatFace

    ET-(WE) career questions

    Hello chaps, Looked through literally every single piece of literature about the role of ET-(WE) in the surface fleet but alas it comes up with only a vague bit of general information (same with most other branches). I applied for the role of Mine Warfare Specialist and sent my application off...
  15. BoatyMcBoatFace

    ET-(WE) (Yes, another question I the

    Morning chaps, Before I get started I know there's a lot of information out there about these roles and have searched endlessly. I sent my application off the other night for the role of Mine Warfare Specialist. The AFCO has been in touch and I have to go in for an interview next week. I...
  16. C

    Burning Conflict of Uncertainty... Seaman Specialist or Weapons Engineer...

    Navy-Net Users, I have a burning conflict of uncertainty (well burning to me anyway's) regarding the route to take following completion/pass of my recent RT. In the CA's word's "I smashed it" which he explained has opened the door to pretty much whatever Branch I would like to go for... with...
  17. BoatyMcBoatFace

    How much of the world does the average RN sailor see?

    Hello all. This section seemed the only place to put this. I'm just wondering -- I mean everyone says and I know the navy travel the world -- but how much of it will the average sailor on a ship see? I know the RN is all over the world (from Bahrain to the Ross ice shelf), Most of it the...
  18. NickiRaymondo

    Seaman Specialists VS. Above water force protection

    Hi, all. I'm currently looking into going into the RNR as an above water force protection specialist. It is also referred to as SEAres ... What's the difference between the two? Or is regular Seaman Specialists the same as AWFP?
  19. S

    Main differences between the Subs and the surface fleet?

    Hello, I'm 16 and im just about to join the navy as a weapons engineer (not submariner). I have an induction about the submarines on the same day as my medical, and I'm giving it a lot of thought. As well as the pay, what big differences are their between the subs and the surface? Like, how...