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    Fast Track Board for Phase 2 ET(ME) to LH

    hi all, i have a fast track board coming up soon as i pass out of sultan soon. was wondering if anyone has some insight on the board and what topics would be good to patch up on. any help is appreicated! cheers
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    Good evening ladies and gents, hope you’re all well. I am after some info to help me with my AAS(SM) interview coming up shortly if anyone could be so kind! I have used the search button tool but I honestly can’t seem to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together. What is the actual training...
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    Adding to Sultan’s LH’s Mess

    Evening all, Had an account on here for ages but not posted before, so not sure if this contravenes any rules? HMS Sultan’s Leading Hand’s and Corporal’s Mess are looking to make the mess a bit more submarine orientated as its currently full of WAFU gash, and we have nothing. Was just...