1. S

    Accelerated apprenticeship submariner

    Hello I’ve seen various different pipelines for accelerated apprenticeships submariner candidates First one being… 10 weeks Raleigh Then trade training at Sultan Smq dry - streamed into wesm or mesm Smq wet But I’ve seen on certain jsp documents that the scheme follows that the same of the...
  2. D

    Marine Engineer Specialisation

    Hi all, I have a fair idea of the training pipeline for a marine engineer (submariner) up to the point of the first competent job, but from there everything becomes a little obscure. What scope is there for 'specialisation'? Do each of the engineers train to become specialists in a particular...
  3. G

    warfare submariner

    hi i would like to know more about the warfare specialists sonar submariners (SSM). i had first gone in as a sea spec but then got told the waiting list was long so i ask my careers adviser what jobs i could go in for what could get me in quicker so he told me to have a look at the submariner...
  4. T

    Royal Navy submarine engineer

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and was just looking for some information and opinion.. I'm interested in joint the RN as an engineer, I've always had a keen interest in engineering, and also the navy so it sort of makes sense. Just wondering if there is any engineers on here.. or anyone who...
  5. janner

    Twixt the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Janet Kinrade Dethick and Anne M. Corke.

    The story of the crew of HM Submarine Saracen. There has obviously been a lot of in depth research into writing the book as is shown by the details unearthed of the various crew members exploits. I was particularly interested as Mike Lumby her first and only Commanding Officer was a Dorchester...