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  1. B

    Warfare Officer SM after service

    What do SM Warfare Officers do after leaving the service? Assuming they've had a reasonably good career, may or may not have passed Perisher, and have retired from service but want to work still. My current role is Warfare Officer GS, but I am very intrigued by the Submarine Service and look...
  2. S

    Accelerated apprenticeship submariner

    Hello I’ve seen various different pipelines for accelerated apprenticeships submariner candidatesFirst one being…10 weeks Raleigh Then trade training at Sultan Smq dry - streamed into wesm or mesm Smq wetBut I’ve seen on certain jsp documents that the scheme follows that the same of the...
  3. E

    A few questions about life in the RN and the engineering roles

    Had a few questions about the roles and life in general in the forcesWhat are the opportunities for the engineering officer roles (marine and weapons) in both the surface fleet and the submariner roles after leaving the RN? How easily would they be hired and what kind of jobs would be...
  4. D

    Applying directly as a submariner - later options

    Hello, I have been looking through the past threads but I am looking for a definite answer.If you join H.M.S Raleigh with the intentions to become a submariner. Could you ever transfer from boats to G.S if you do not like, it due to the lack of foreign visits etc?
  5. D

    CIS (Recruitment Test)

    Hello. Me once more!I passed the interview on Monday. The recruitment test is tomorrow.I have been revising the Royal Navy Recruitment Test book by how2become.Does anybody know the rough score margin of what is needed to become a Communications Specialist.Thinking of volunteering for...
  6. O

    Older recruits - Submariner

    Hello all,Im 29 with GCSE qualifications and am looking to join the Submarine division as a Marine Engineer. I have always liked the thought of joining the Navy as a submariner. My main reason for joining as i would like to serve and get qualifications whilst doing so that i can take back to...
  7. K

    UGAS or University?

    Hello,Essentially I had been made PMU prior to even having an in person medical. I read up on everything, but figured that a lot of medical appeals regarding eczema (especially on hands, which is where I had it a few years ago) are usually denied but I submitted my appeal anyway.In the month...
  8. R

    Logistics officer submariner questions

    Hi, I'm in the process of completing my application for the role of Logistics Officer- Submariner. I've not really got any experience with the Navy and am entering my final year of a degree in History and Politics. I had no idea on what I wanted to do but Logistics has always interested me. Does...
  9. N

    Submariner Sea Time?

    HelloI'm currently underway in my application for Warfare Officer (Submariner) and I was just wondering what sort of time I would spend at sea. I've read before that it is roughly 60% but would this still be the case today, what with the newer Astute's and current recruitment levels?Many thanks
  10. L

    Advice on whether or not to join as a submariner

    Hi, so initially I applied for the Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme (UGAS) but upon completing the psychometric test a Warrant Officer at the AFCO advised me on the Accelerated Apprentice Scheme (Submariner) instead. Since doing more research about being a submariner I'm not too sure if the...
  11. phishphace

    Ex crab applying to the submariners .... (dont hate me)

    Okay, after a long time deliberating I have (as of this morning) decided to apply for the role of WE(sub).When I was 16, I joined the RAF as an engineer, but after 5 years and being posted to a non-operational squadron I became disillusioned (there was no transfers available due to cuts) and...
  12. BreathingOutOnTheWayUp

    SUBMARINE BOOKS - Fact & Fiction

    Sadly a previous thread with a similar title flopped [ ]In common with @janner I too have numerous (Hardcopy & Kindle) S/M books The intention here therefore is for contributors to gather this genre under...
  13. N

    Surface vs submarines

    I am a educated 20 year old ( passed with officer marks easily but don’t possess the Alevels required as I did an apprenticeship instead of college) who wants a challenging career. My main aims to achieve is high pay , longevity of career and as many promotions as possible hopefully in as quick...
  14. I

    MA - GS OR Submariner ??

    Hello , I wanted to know what some of the experienced persons here thought about pros/cons of either MA GS or MA Submariner.Firstly , I am only at the stage of having just passed my RT today . Now awaiting eye test ready to send my medical papers back . I am 24yoa, currently employed in the...
  15. C

    Please help. New recruit advice desperate parent!

    Good morning and thank you for allowing m to join. Please forgive me if I haven’t posted in the right place. My son signed up to join fleet and passed everything. His careers officer then asked him to change to sub saying it will get him in quicker. So being young and eager he said ok. He...
  16. L

    Delete please

    Delete please
  17. S

    Submariner, Sonar

    Hi guys, I've applied for submarine service, sonar. I've been trying to get as much information about the position as I can but it's hard to come by. I'd be eternally greatful if some one could shed some light on these main points;-Is there difficult maths involved and if so is it only when...
  18. S

    Doctors on Submarines

    Hello.I'm currently considering joining the navy as a medical officer, and I'm considering joining the submarine service. I understand that the initial commission length for a MO is 6 years. If I spent those 6 on a boat, would I be able to change to surface if I renewed my commission, or would...
  19. S

    Average time at sea and time in boat

    Hi allJust two quick questions as I couldnt find answers on the forums or with the search button1. as a rating on a submarine what's an estimate of the time at sea per year ( I know no one can be exact)2. How often do you change boats or do you stay with the same boat for most of your...
  20. A

    Help Tracing a Submariner

    I have been tasked to try and find an ex-colleague of an elderly gentleman. He has minimal information and would be grateful for any advice and pointers on resources and sources to trace someone.Thanks in advance.