1. R

    How often do submarines run ashore? and possible transfer to surface fleet.

    I have applied for Weapons engineer submariner, I was wondering how often you get a port visit, I know for instance that the ballistic subs don't really do run ashores due to the job they perform, but attack sub from what I understand tend to accompany Fleets, preform some covert escort, or...
  2. S

    Army to navy

    Hi all so my unit has agreed to support me on my transfer from the army to the navy I will be leaving with NVQ level 3 extended diploma in engineering technical support I contacted the rejoiners also and they said I won’t have to do basic and that I would tip up to a unit basically for kit...
  3. S

    Accelerated apprenticeship submariner

    Hello I’ve seen various different pipelines for accelerated apprenticeships submariner candidates First one being… 10 weeks Raleigh Then trade training at Sultan Smq dry - streamed into wesm or mesm Smq wet But I’ve seen on certain jsp documents that the scheme follows that the same of the...
  4. H

    Bomber Deployments

    Dear All, Thanks in advance for any response, starting Raleigh finally after a long long wait on monday the 1st of November. The application started over 3 years ago, because of time spent outside the UK the security clearance took close on 18 months to come through, Initially i wasnt...
  5. J

    MEO or WEO

    Hi all, I applied for Pilot in the FAA last year and have been stuck waiting for a date for AIB as my recruiter tells me that recruitment is paused at the moment (for Pilot). While this is frustrating, it has also given me time to finish my degree and consider some other options. I have...
  6. Kirkmania

    Submarine School (2011) TV Series

    Submarine School (2011). Follow the story of the Royal Navy's legendary Perisher Course, "How to Command a Nuclear Submarine" charts the progress of five young officers putting their careers on the line in their bids to qualify to command a nuclear submarine. Set during the four-week sea phase...
  7. D

    Who knows what on a Submarine

    Hello. On a submarine, which departments know where the submarine is? From my understanding, it would be the higher senior officers, weapons engineers and navigator and maybe communications Is this true?
  8. D

    CIS (Recruitment Test)

    Hello. Me once more! I passed the interview on Monday. The recruitment test is tomorrow. I have been revising the Royal Navy Recruitment Test book by how2become. Does anybody know the rough score margin of what is needed to become a Communications Specialist. Thinking of volunteering for...
  9. C

    Warfare Officer Surface to Sub

    I plan on entering the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer. I have read around on this forum that if you enter as a Warfare Officer (Submariner), you have to spend at least 5 years in the Service before you can transfer to General Surface. However, if you start out as GS, you can "Volunteer" for...
  10. Y


    Good evening ladies and gents, hope you’re all well. I am after some info to help me with my AAS(SM) interview coming up shortly if anyone could be so kind! I have used the search button tool but I honestly can’t seem to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together. What is the actual training...
  11. N

    Submariner Sea Time?

    Hello I'm currently underway in my application for Warfare Officer (Submariner) and I was just wondering what sort of time I would spend at sea. I've read before that it is roughly 60% but would this still be the case today, what with the newer Astute's and current recruitment levels? Many thanks
  12. N

    Joining as a Warfare Officer submarine v surface

    Hi Guys, I've recently started the application to hopefully become a Warfare Officer (surface). Whilst on the phone to my ACLO they said that surface WO was getting really over-saturated and for me to manage my expectations, however the submariner role would be significantly less competitive...
  13. shadyhawk

    Submarine's deployed

    I'm in the process in joining the Navy and one of my pals asked the last time a submarine sank another ship, just interested as I couldn't see anything online. I presume Iraq or Falklands.
  14. 4

    Any tips for getting in the right frame of mind as a submariner?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been told that I have been selected for an accelerated apprenticeship as a submariner, which means the world to me. I start basic training in September and I believe I’ll be up to the task, as I’m physically fit and confident enough in my own abilities to get through the 10...
  15. L

    Ways of communicating with family at sea

    I have applied for UGAS (MESM) and just wondering what communication with family/ friends is like onboard an Astute-class submarine. I know a little about the familygram one-way communication, but is there any other ways to keep in touch, such as internet access or emails?
  16. L

    Advice on whether or not to join as a submariner

    Hi, so initially I applied for the Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme (UGAS) but upon completing the psychometric test a Warrant Officer at the AFCO advised me on the Accelerated Apprentice Scheme (Submariner) instead. Since doing more research about being a submariner I'm not too sure if the...
  17. N

    Surface vs submarines

    I am a educated 20 year old ( passed with officer marks easily but don’t possess the Alevels required as I did an apprenticeship instead of college) who wants a challenging career. My main aims to achieve is high pay , longevity of career and as many promotions as possible hopefully in as quick...
  18. B

    Choice of boats

    Been given my start date for Raleigh and if all goes well and i was to pass and begin phase 2 training do i get to select which boats i wish to serve on? I'm joining as an ETWE (submariner) on would like to opt for vanguard class but don't know if this is a choice or you just go where the navy...
  19. C

    [UGAS] Royal Navy application age issue

    Hi, I tried to apply for the Navy Undergraduate apprenticeship scheme a few months ago, but it said that I couldn't because it said that I needed to be at least 17 years and 6 months old to do it. So I waited until recently when I turned 17 years and 6 months. However, when I fill out the online...
  20. J

    Adding to Sultan’s LH’s Mess

    Evening all, Had an account on here for ages but not posted before, so not sure if this contravenes any rules? HMS Sultan’s Leading Hand’s and Corporal’s Mess are looking to make the mess a bit more submarine orientated as its currently full of WAFU gash, and we have nothing. Was just...