submarine warfare

  1. H

    Bomber Deployments

    Dear All, Thanks in advance for any response, starting Raleigh finally after a long long wait on monday the 1st of November. The application started over 3 years ago, because of time spent outside the UK the security clearance took close on 18 months to come through, Initially i wasnt...
  2. N

    Joining as a Warfare Officer submarine v surface

    Hi Guys, I've recently started the application to hopefully become a Warfare Officer (surface). Whilst on the phone to my ACLO they said that surface WO was getting really over-saturated and for me to manage my expectations, however the submariner role would be significantly less competitive...
  3. Ageing_Gracefully

    Turn the ship around by David Marquet

    The book is written by a retired U.S.Navy officer. It starts by detailing his time in the nuclear-powered submarine fleet, where he served on attack submarines and ballistic missile boats. There was an autocratic top-down leadership in place at the time whereby, if an officer saw a problem...