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  1. rebbonk

    The originals – The secret history of the birth of the SAS in their own words. Gordon Stevens.

    They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and in the case of this book it certainly is true. Can you believe that in the mid 80s, the surviving few of the original SAS members were holed up in a hotel and over a period of three day’s intensive filming amassed over 120 hours of footage? More...
  2. rebbonk

    Jock Lewes – Co founder of the SAS by John Lewes

    The first thing to state is that this book is not full of escapades of derring do by the SAS. What it is though, is a snapshot of the life of Jock Lewes, largely compiled from his personal correspondence and diaries which the author (Lewes’ nephew) has had access to.The book is broken down...