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    Could anyone explain the reasons for some roles being high priority? the reason behind the lack of numbers in the HP branches job roles?
  2. Impact

    My Joining Process (Step-By-Step)

    This is just my personal experience, and will be updated as I progress throughout my career as a potential Warfare Specialist - this is to give you an idea of timescales and other waiting times that you may experience during your application. Firstly, about me - I'm a 16 year old male in good...
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    Live in France need advise.

    Hi all, I have lived in France since i was 8 (now 20) but was born in England, and i'm planning on moving back to join the Royal navy and would like some help answering some questions. -Will i have any problems joining up on account of not having a UK residence and having lived out side of the...
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    Burning Conflict of Uncertainty... Seaman Specialist or Weapons Engineer...

    Navy-Net Users, I have a burning conflict of uncertainty (well burning to me anyway's) regarding the route to take following completion/pass of my recent RT. In the CA's word's "I smashed it" which he explained has opened the door to pretty much whatever Branch I would like to go for... with...