sift interview

  1. bobbybrown


    Hello people, I called RFA HQ today and asked for an update on my and my friends application SIFT. SIFT is currently underway for a few apprenticeships and results are being sent out within a week. COVID: Check your Royal Navy Portal as results will be on there also. Just thought I’d share...
  2. M

    Not selected for SIFT

    I was told I had my sift interview at some point in March after passing my RT and was studying for this interview. And I’ve just been told that I haven’t been selected for the interview? Was the sift a process which I’m not involved in and they decided? I was under the impression that they would...
  3. D

    Failed at Selection Interview - Looking for advice going forwards

    Hi All, On Monday (26th) I had my Officer Selection Interview (pre-AIB) by telephone. I felt the interview went well however the WO informed me that I had only just missed out on a passing mark. He told my that my knowledge was excellent, however I missed out on leadership experience (I had no...
  4. A

    Filter Interview coming up... What to expect?

    Good afternoon, I have my interview with the AFCO in the coming week and I need to prepare some more. Can anyone suggest what topics may be covered? It's an interview for entry as an ET ME, so any specific experiences would be helpful in helping me prepare. Thanks in advance.
  5. R

    RFA interview

    Recently been to my Sift interview and I know how bad the nerves were leading up to it so if anyone needs any info on the process so far just let me know
  6. T

    SIFT Interview

    Hi there, I’ve got my SIFT interview for an Officer Pilot coming up and I’m wondering how to approach the managerial and leadership questions? Being a full time student and also having a part time job I haven’t had many opportunities to physically be a leader however I believe I possess the...
  7. W

    Returns of Service

    Another post which has originated from my research in preparation for my SIFT Interview. Am I correct in saying that there is no formal return of service for the RNR? More specifically, RNR Officers? I have spent ages scouring google and having read BR3(1) Chapter 53 which deals with Return of...
  8. J

    Warfare Officers - Awaiting Sift Interview

    Hi, I've recently passed my PJFT In 10:30. I'm waiting for my AFCO to get in touch with me and give me my date for my Sift Interview. I was wondering if anyone else has applied and is at the same stage as me, I've been told to expect a January intake with a view to me completing my AIB in...
  9. W

    Up-to-date General Entry Officer Training Pipeline

    Hi everyone. I'm currently preparing for my SIFT interview (although, it appears to be called a Career Discussion now). Can anyone assist with a detailed chronology of the training pipeline (Post AIB) for an RNR Young Officer? I am aware there have been changes over the years. Having spent...
  10. MenInSlacks


    Hello again all, Having passed the PJFT by the skin of the teeth (due to stupidly pulling my calf training for it :confused:) I was just wondering if anyone had advice on, or experience with, what I should buff up on before my SIFT interview? (And additionally, anything that would be good for...
  11. D

    Regulations on leaving training pipeline? - SIFT interview

    Hi there, I am applying for the role of air engineering officer and have my sift interview coming up soon, so i am looking at questions that might be asked, one of which is 'What are the regulations regarding leaving the training pipeline?' I can't seem to find a definitive answer so i was...
  12. Reyskywalker1994

    Sift 2016

    Anyone know when the sift is likely to take place this year? Passed pre entry exam and got told To wait for a sift interview if successful! Any idea when this will be?
  13. P

    Sift Interview Helllllp

    Hi all. Just had the invitation for my SIFT. I have a week and a couple of days to get cracking on preparing. I'm worrying about how to quickly swot up... Any suggestions of good books/websites to read over the next week? ATM, I am NOT prepared. I'm ok with the examples of my own...
  14. Holmesy

    Sift Interview Advice?

    Hi guys, I have my Sift in two weeks time and was just wondering if anybody on here would be able to give me any tips as I believe that the type of questions being asked at Sift has recently changed? thanks in advance
  15. E

    Post Sift-Interview

    Afternoon all, Hope I'm not just being impatient but I had my sift interview about a month ago and have not heard anything back. While researching how long it usually takes between SIFT and AIB I came across a document called "officer selection processes." In it it says, "On completion of a...