1. Wreckmasterjay

    HMS Fearless and the sinking of Foxtrot 4

    I am writing a book on the loss of the landing craft Foxtrot 4 during the Falklands conflict, F4 being one of four LCU's on HMS Fearless. She was making her way in Choisel Sound on 8th June 1982 when she was hit by bombs from Argentine aircraft. There were 8 crew and 9 army on board, six of the...
  2. Seaweed

    The Wager Disaster by Rear Admiral CH Layman

    In September 1740 Commodore George Anson set off from England with five other warships and two supply ships and 1854 men (many actually unfit for any service, let alone what they were actually to experience), ordered to round the Horn and attack the Spanish on the west coast of the Americas...