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    SFA Portsmouth/plymouth

    Hi all, does anyone here know roughly where any of the SFA patches are in either Plymouth or Portsmouth please. With road names if you can. Trying to show my partner so she has a better idea on the outside of what to expect. And so we can have a look at the area and what's around too...
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    When can I get Services Family Accomodation?

    Hello everyone, I’m currently in my Phase 1 training at Raleigh, I’m on the Accelerated Apprenticeship scheme for Aircraft Engineering. My training is quite long: - 10 weeks INT at Raleigh - 14 weeks at Sultan - 23 weeks at an airbase - 51 weeks back at Sultan - Finally a 4 week Leadership...
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    SFA / GYH(T) query

    Hey all, I’ve looked about but can’t find a definitive answer on this. I’m currently assigned to Pompey. I’m single but have opted to live in surplus SFA because a) the mess has a massive waiting list and b) my ex and kids live in Pompey, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to spend...