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    Security Clearance

    Hi guys, I'm on the process of joining the Royal Marines. I got all the way through and was due to join in June this year but my security clearance wasn't passed in time. I started the process in march and still haven't received an answer. Has anyone else been through a similar process. Any...
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    Do you need to be DV security checked to work with F-35?

    Hi, I’m just curious about something I overheard today. I overheard a chief in the Royal Navy mention that if somebody ever wanted to work on the F-35B fighter jet, then they would have to undergo a DV security check and be fully vetted, checking MI5 national security records. I’m just...
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    SC Clearance 2021

    = Thank you
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    Hello everyone, Welcome to this forum, the Aim of this forum is to provide help to applicants going through the application/ recruitment process for the RFA as an APPRENTICE. I was in the RFA as a chef apprentice back in January 2019, I have a huge passion for the company and it’s staff and...
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    What will it happen after the vetting for an overseas candidate?

    Hi All, I am an overseas applicant, I have finished PRNC in early of April 2020. I had an entry day in mid of April 2020. However, before my entry date, my career advice cancelled my entry date, who said because my security clearance hasn't done yet. So I need to wait until it finished. Today I...
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    Security Clearance - income

    Hi, Apologies for yet another security clearance thread but I can't find the answer via searching. I've filled in everything except the monthly household income/outgoings section which is where I get stuck. My situation is a little complex - I returned from travelling in June 2019 (so was...