seaman specialsits

  1. Lewys2003

    Mine Clearance Diver/Specialist Seaman.

    Morning everyone, Just a quick question to ask anyone who's been through the process, I was told about 2 weeks ago that I could not pursue my role as an Observer as I had a history of asthma. Even though I was quite gutted, I am still very motivated to join the RN and just was asking about...
  2. TheMau5e

    Failed AIB entry for warfare

    Hi all, I failed AIB today. None the less extremely happy as I learnt alot about myself from the process! I've been advised to reapply for officer after serving 2 or 3 years to build confidence regarding group discussions and putting my ideas on the table. I was told to go down the path as...
  3. M

    Seaman specialist role on Mine Clearance ship

    Do Sea Spec serve on Mine Clearance ships or do MW spec do that role? I’m interested in joining as MW spec and just wondering if there is more to job than just Mine Clearance and general ship duties
  4. P

    Seaman Speicalist waiting time

    Hello! Just wondering if somebody can give me some sort of idea on the waiting time for a seaman Speicalist based on their recent applications/experience? Would be much appreciated.
  5. M

    Failed Officer Selection. Any Advice?

    Hi All, Applied for officer and after sitting the recruit test was informed my English Skills in the test wasn't up to standard but my Maths and Mechanical Comprehension was the best out of the group sitting it with 100% in Maths. I was given the option of resitting the recruit test in 3...
  6. NickiRaymondo

    Seaman Specialists VS. Above water force protection

    Hi, all. I'm currently looking into going into the RNR as an above water force protection specialist. It is also referred to as SEAres ... What's the difference between the two? Or is regular Seaman Specialists the same as AWFP?