seaman specialist

  1. Lewys2003

    Mine Clearance Diver/Specialist Seaman.

    Morning everyone, Just a quick question to ask anyone who's been through the process, I was told about 2 weeks ago that I could not pursue my role as an Observer as I had a history of asthma. Even though I was quite gutted, I am still very motivated to join the RN and just was asking about...
  2. M


    Hello I’m looking to join the navy next year and was going through all the roles. In 18 and looking to apply soon. I’m mainly joining for the experience and the travel and not looking for a major serious role. I was wondering what are some good enjoyable, fun roles with lots of travel. My main...
  3. Sguaba Tuinne

    Seaman Specialist Recruit Information

    Hello all, As we all know covid restrictions has hindered the recruitment process, especially for those joining the warfare branch. As it's mainly logistics and engineering recruits at Raleigh, I created this thread for anyone who has new information (warfare) regarding those waiting for a...
  4. potnoodle

    First interview

    So obviously with the corona virus a lot of things have been cancelled (understandably) and so my psychometric resit had been cancelled and they went off my gcse results instead (which actually worked out better for me haha!) anyways they explained that I’ll have my first interview over the...
  5. J

    Seaman Specialist

    Hi, I have competed my RT test and passed and hoping to become a Seaman Specialist. I know some of the roles from reading the website but there’s not a lot of information so if anyone can give me some information about the roles of a Seman Specialist and just your general opinion. Thank You