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  1. K

    Is there anything one can do with the Royal Navy/Marines with a year (or two) before enlistment?

    Hello and good day all,Long story short I've passed all the previous stages up to the AIB (which I'm currently awaiting a date and time for)including the PJFT+. Due to the fact that my medical paperwork got pushed back due to some mental health issues I had over two years ago, I just barely...
  2. T

    What is the contract of service for the royal navy rating?

    I am on my final selection interview for the royal navy rating. I wanted to know what is the contract of service for the royal navy rating? Thanks
  3. E

    The Commando Helicopter Force

    Hello, I’m wondering if someone could help me or point me in the right direction. There are similar threads already up but when I click on them I get “404 error” or they are very outdate, nevertheless I’ve got my entry date to join Raleigh as an AET and I’m wondering about squadrons after you...
  4. P

    RMR To RNR Officer

    Hello All, I am currently a serving Green lidded bootneck with a RMR who is due to be relocating to London in March 2019. I am quite keen to look at life away from the RMR due to lack of opportuinites and feeling I am going in round in circles a bit. I do have an opportunity to commission...