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    Is there anything one can do with the Royal Navy/Marines with a year (or two) before enlistment?

    Hello and good day all, Long story short I've passed all the previous stages up to the AIB (which I'm currently awaiting a date and time for)including the PJFT+. Due to the fact that my medical paperwork got pushed back due to some mental health issues I had over two years ago, I just barely...
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    Possible Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer's Elbow) Flare-Up (Pull-Ups) - How to Remedy Before Entry?

    Hello everyone, Good news first: I passed my PJFT+ and my entire medical, so I am onto AIB next. In a single go I can do 10-11 pull-ups with good form without elbow pain. Not so good news: I was doing sets of pull-up on Saturday to build up to a maximum of 16-18 with an eye towards the gym...
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    Healthy 22 Y/O Male - Peak Flow Score of 500-510 - Concern?

    Hey everyone, So I ended up passing the paperwork side of the medical and I went for my face-to-face medical the other day. That went excellently and the doctor said I had no problems... and then handed me a peak flow meter and told me to fill it in for a week. Note I've had no problems with...
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    Applying for RMO Role - Made TMU - How Strong is my Case?

    First time posting here as the Royal Marines own forums appears to be shutting down. I am applying for the role of Royal Marine officer. I passed my initial interview and sent off my paperwork to Capita. I would be grateful to have some feedback. on the strengths of my case (I understand...