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  1. S

    wrongly medically unfit

    I was charged as medically unfit due to calcium deposits, found in y kidneys back in 2011, I have recently been to the hospital and had a check up to prove that this information was obsolete, according the my medical results and my GP I am both physically and mentally healthy enough to join the...
  2. S

    Thinking of leaving Navy

    Hi, I served in the Navy as an ETME for 3 years now. I got a degree in electrical engineering and master’s in management before joining Navy. I was supposed to join as an Officer but couldn’t due to waiting time and other limitations when I made my application. I was very focused on joining and...
  3. R

    How often do submarines run ashore? and possible transfer to surface fleet.

    I have applied for Weapons engineer submariner, I was wondering how often you get a port visit, I know for instance that the ballistic subs don't really do run ashores due to the job they perform, but attack sub from what I understand tend to accompany Fleets, preform some covert escort, or...
  4. JWhite1805

    HMS Raleigh Week By Week 2021 Autumn

    I thought I'd make a post detailing the week by week of INT(R), because its daunting enough going in, its even worse going in blind. I've had to bastardize a few bits because I was only on a 9-week course, instead of the usual 10 (No idea why), I know there's a few already on this site, but...
  5. Union Jack

    Nelson's Navy in 100 Objects by Gareth Glover

    The author, Gareth Glover, himself a former junior naval officer and now a military historian, who has studied the Napoleonic Wars extensively for many years and, interestingly enough for a sailor, is apparently especially well known both for his knowledge of the Peninsular Campaign and...
  6. M

    MA to Nurse?

    Hi there, I'm currently looking into a couple things and became curious about whether someone can join as an MA and progress to become a Naval Nursing Student, or even go as far as becoming a Nursing Officer. For some background, I'm currently a HCA (Healthcare Assistant) on the staff bank in...
  7. janner

    British Sloops and Frigates. (of the second World War) Author Les Brown.

    Although aimed at Ship Modellers I believe that this book would be of enjoyed by anyone with an interest in Ships generally and Royal Naval Ships in particular. Very clearly laid out with some very nice photographs of the various classes of ships covered. The photographs cover the development...
  8. U

    The Power and the Glory by Steve R Dunn

    I don’t suppose that many people are given the opportunity to write a review about reviews, but this is an opportunity which I am glad to grasp with both hands - or perhaps, to draw on the old maxim, “one hand for myself and one for the ship”. Why? Because this is a surprisingly weighty tome for...
  9. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ships of the Royal Navy by JJ College, revised and updated by Ben Wardlow, Steve Bush

    For once this is a book that does exactly what it says on the cover – it is a list of every warship to sail under RN Colours. This won’t therefore be a review of the book rather than a description of its contents. To cover the best part of seven centuries requires quite a size and this book...
  10. E

    Entry route

    Afternoon, I've been out the Army about 2 years and want to look at joining as a mine clearance diver, however I've heard the job has a shocking waiting list for the PDA and diver medical. Instead of doing that I'm looking to join as a mine warfare specialist then hopefully transfer branch to...
  11. BratMedic

    British Naval Intelligence through the Twentieth Century by Andrew Boyd

    An extremely well researched and comprehensive read, but, it is a weighty tome indeed. This account covers just about everything to do with Naval intelligence you could think of, personnel, incidents, codes, ciphers and general intelligence gathering. There is a brief account of the early...
  12. D

    Communications Specialist (CIS)

    Hello. I have already submitted the application. Awaiting the date for the naval test. I am looking to join the Royal Navy as a Communications Specialist (CIS) (...
  13. I

    No more hot-bunking?

    Hey everyone. This is a bit of a daft question but curiosity got the better of me. I seen somewhere that the Astute class submarines have a bunk for each member of the crew, therefor ending hot-bunking. Can anyone confirm this?
  14. I

    Previous mental health records.

    Hi all. Planning to send my application to the RN at some point this year. I’m confident with all the eligibility aspects however I am somewhat concerned at a previous mental health issue I had. I was off sick from work (was working in NHS at the time and was off for about 6-7weeks) for a short...
  15. I

    Officer joining requirements

    Hi everyone, I was looking at the Warfare Intelligence Officer role and wanted to ask about the entry requirements. It says you need 72 UCAS points / 5 GCSE’s. All I was wondering was do you need both the UCAS points and the GCSE’s? I have over 72 UCAS points but not 5 GCSE’s so I was wondering...
  16. I

    High Priority Roles

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows if you apply for a high priority role do you still have to do the PRNC or do you get streamed straight to Raleigh?
  17. I

    Warfare Specialist

    Hi there. I plan on joining the Royal Navy as a Warfare Specialist this year. I was wondering if anyone can clarify if you are able to choose your sub-spec ie(AWW/AWT/EW/UW) before your second stage of training? I’ve heard people saying you can order them in preference but also heard people say...
  18. J

    Navy to raf apprenticeship

    I’ve currently got my date for HMS Raleigh and start in October to join as an AET, situations have changed at home and the AET position at the RAF is more convenient as to where training will be located can I transfer over, before I’ve started at Raleigh and will I need to do the whole joining...
  19. L

    Recruitment & Coronavirus

    Hi guys, Very new here, but thought I'd give it a go. I'm very early in the process of joining the RN as an officer in Warfare, however I can fully appreciate that the current situation has disrupted recruitment everywhere. Was just wondering what the current plan on the NSRT is? I have heard...
  20. U


    Hi, I’ve just turned 17 and I start my basic training on the 1st June. (applied for communications) I only plan on working at the royal navy for about 4 years and am hoping to go to university afterwards- however, I didn’t stay in school long enough therefore only have Nat 5’s (GCSE’s) and was...